Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I was up to during the summer!

What did I do this summer? I hung out with my new nephew! I had a wonderful time in Michigan! Here are a few pictures of "D" I know this is a polish blog so I'm going to tell you what I'm first Butter London All Hail The Queen which is a beautiful holographic beige..I had 3 similar colors (not all holographic) that I wore during the summer because I fell in love with the nude/beige look! Butter London's formula wowed me! As usual for me 3 thin coats of this beauty a fast dry top coat and I was ready to hold D

                                                             *NOM NOM goes D*

Now A.H.T.Q. is a very subtle holo but the beauty in this polish when I looked at pictures I knew it was going to be MINE! Butter London polishes retail for around $14 at Ulta of my more pricey polishes in my collection but WELL worth it!

Until next time I hope everyone has a bright and beautiful day! 

What did you do this summer? Do you have any Butter London Polishes or maybe a favorite?

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