Saturday, October 25, 2014

31 Days of October... Spider Web Decals

Hey everybody:) Today I have some really awesome decals to show y'all. I wanted to do decals vs. w.m. because of the design I can get from the decals, its a reverse w.m. flower design and I just couldn't get what I wanted out of the w.m. Here are my Spider Web Decals!

As you can tell from the picture some of the decals tore, I'm not sure why but overall I love the way they turned out! This might be a accent nail kinda thing... not big on them on every nail. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of this mani.

Happy Polishing Everyone!

Friday, October 24, 2014

31 Days of October... Poison Apples!

Hey everybody:) Today I have a really cute mani inspired by the poison apple in Snow White. Nobody does wicked better than the Evil Queen in Snow White and this poison apple is the embodiment of all her evil! With Halloween right around the corner and everybody looking for nails to match there wicked costumes, this hits the top of the list!
I started off with Color Club Mamba halfway down the tips of my nails and then China Glaze White on White at the cuticle line and down to make the poison on the apple. Here is my version of Poison Apples and a shot of the poison apple from the movie.

I love how this mani turned out! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think about this look.

Happy Polishing Everyone!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

China Glaze brings you Apocalypse Collection for Halloween 2014

Hi all!!! Today I have for you the Apocalypse Collection from China Glaze (sent to me for review). This is collection has 4 polishes, one glitter and a glow in the dark polish.  This is a great Halloween collection a little bit of something for everyone. All polish is showed without a top coat. Let's get started.
But of Corpse is a green matte finish polish with black glitter. I wasn't sure about this polish when I saw it in the bottle it was just a little ok...but really you get it on your nails and bam! But of Corpse is slightly textured polish that went on in 2 coats.

 This is what I'm wearing today. I stamped But of Corpse with MoYou plate Gothic 05 with black. I really love this polish and stamp together! I think they fit perfect!
Don't let the Dead Bite is a pink glitter in a milky base polish. I'm a little disappointed in this polish. I wanted so much more. I had to move the glitter around and I still have bald spots. This is two coats of Don't let the Dead Bite.

 When I saw the name for this polish I knew exactly what I wanted to show stamped over it. It turned out great!! Don't let the Dead Bite is stamped with black polish using stamping plate H08 from bundle monster.
Getting to Gnaw You is a black base with orange glitter. One size glitter unlike past polishes that had many size glitter. Getting to Gnaw You is really packed with the orange glitter.  This is two coats of Getting to Gnaw You. 
I love Your Guts is a pretty pink polish with small black glitter. Similar to But of Corpse with texture and matte finish. This is two coats of I love Your Guts. 

 I took a spin with the stamping for this one. Instead of stamping something similar like the others I took the name and turned it sarcastic and put a pin headed voodoo doll on my nails. I just thought it fit. I used bundle monster plate 413 stamped with black.
Rest in Pieces is a multi color glitter in a clear base. Gold holo, black little and BIG, and copper glitter! I'm not a big fan of these types of glitters it's just not my thing. This is three coats of RIP on naked nails so you could see the coverage... I had trouble with placement of the glitter even dabbing the glitter on I had bald patches. The big black glitter that's on my middle finger actually surprised me. So if you buy this I recommend storing it upside down so the larger glitter come to the top and makes it easier to scoop out.
Glow in the Dark is a beautiful glow in the dark. I'm showing 3 coats of gitd over white and on my index is black. China Glaze doesn't play when it comes to gitd. Gitd looked alright over black and it was nice but the glow over white just POPED! I used bundle Monster plate H07 for the webs on white I stamped in black and on black I stamped white. 


 Here they are! What do you think? I'd love to see what you'll be wearing for this Halloween. So tag us on Instagram @ssppatricia or @sspanne also share it on our facebook page.  I really liked these some more than others and some better with stamping done to them. You can't go wrong with the glow in the dark if you are looking for one.
You can find China Glaze here, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

31 Days of October... Monster Nails

Hey everybody:) Today I have some really cute monster nails to share with y'all. I saw these from @strawbrie on Pinterest... here is the original photo. For my nails I used Milani Fresh Teal and Polish Me Silly Clowning Around. Here are my Monster Nails!

I just love this mani! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of this mani!

Happy Polishing Everyone!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

31 Days of October... Dot's French Tips

Hey everybody:) Today I have a simple and cute way to dress up your boring french tips, dots! Yup its that easy to go from boring to whats hot... adding a few dots in Fall colors and maybe a sticker is just what the doctor ordered for Fall! I started out with a basic french tip and then added orange (China Glaze Stoked to Soaked) and black (Salon Perfect Oil Slick) dots, I always like a little more so I also added a spider sticker to my ring finger. Here is my Dot's French Tips.

I love this mani and if you're not ready for orange and black try other Fall colors! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of this mani!

Happy Polishing Everyone!

Monday, October 20, 2014

31 Days of October... Holo and Ghosts!

Hey everybody:) Today I have a simple Halloween mani for y'all to try, Holo and Ghosts! Start of with a holo polish for you base coat, I used Color Club Cosmic Fate and then add some ghost stickers (or whatever kind you like) ... instant Halloween mani! No Muss and No Fuss! Here is my Holo and Ghosts mani!

Cosmic Fate is an orange holo polish that really is perfect for Halloween! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of this mani.

Happy Polishing Everybody!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

SinfulColors is ready for Halloween!

Hi all today I have for you four glitters polishes and Glow in the Dark Polish from SinfulColors (that was sent to me for review). I am showing you the glitters over white because I thought you would get a better feel of the glitter. I started with one coat (for all the glitters) on my pinky, two coats on my ring finger, three coats on my middle finger and four coats on my index. I did not use my blotting trick I usually do with glitter. So you could see how the glitter dragged and filled out.
Cauldron Couture is clear base with black and green hex glitter in many sizes. I liked that they tossed in the black with the green it reminds me of Wicked something I could see on Elphaba. It's a beautiful glitter that sparkles in the sun. 
Mystery Moonshine is a clear base with is a glitter that looks like confetti. Confetti like a kid got a hold of paper and started to cut here and there tiny pieces. The colors of Mystery Moonshine are blue, orange and green. The base of M.M. is slightly tinted but hardly noticeable.
Pumpkin Spice is orange hex glitter and mini gold glitter polish with a slightly tinted base (it's especially noticeable when you get up there with four coats of polish). I really like this one and I can see it would perfect for a gradient manicure with a little pumpkin in the corner of your nail.


Splatter Spell is copper/orange and black glitter some a larger hexes, tiny hexes and there is also triangles in there for the copper/orange color. I liked this polish at coat three! It was the perfect of not to much but just enough that it made me happy.

 Glow In The Dark is just what is says it is. It is a great glow in the dark polish. Here I'm showing you G.I.T.D over black and white. My first two pictures are over black and my last picture is over white.
I started with my black base I then layered two coats of gitd and stamped in black. The stamping wasn't very visible unless you are staring at my nails exactly what I wanted. When I turned on the black light on you could see everything perfectly. My Stamping was done with bundle monster plates Pinky- BM305, Ring- BM224, Middle-BM413, Index- BM414.
 Second gitd picture isn't great but I wanted to show you white with gitd on top of it. It popped that's for sure but the white stamp on top was drowned out by the glow of the gitd polish. On my middle finger I tried a drag marble (black base and lines of white and gitd) it worked out really well and I liked it but not exactly showing the drag to well in the picture. I stamped my nails with my new plate from MoyouUK plate Gothic #05 bats, skull (I guess my nail isn't long enough for it just yet) and stiches.

You can find these at Walgreens and Target now. There are a total fourteen shades in the 2014 Wicked Color Collection. So this is just the tip of the iceberg in colors for the collection. Tell me which is your favorite? I really liked GITD and Pumpkin Spice. Have a great day everyone!
Looking for SinfulColors you can find them here and here on Facebook. 
The product(s) in this post were provided to me for review. For more information please visit our Disclosure Policy Tab.