Thursday, May 21, 2015

Island Fun with Zoya

Hi all today I have for you Zoya's Island Fun Collection (that I was sent for review). There is two parts of Zoya's 2015 summer collection 6 creams that are Island Fun and 6 Shimmers that are Paradise Sun (that I will show you tomorrow).  I liked all the colors from Island Fun but I found them a bit dark for summer then what I'm used to.  All of these pictures are showing two coats of polish with no top coat. A few of these stained my nails so much so I had to do a whitening bubble dip on my nails (twice!). Other than staining I found these colors nice and they had a great formula. Let's get started!

Cecilia is a teal cream. I had a staining problem with Cecilia so next time I use it I probably will double base it before it goes on. Cecilia is warm tone polish.

 Demetria is a nice poppy red cream. Demetria is a warm tone polish. I like reds I do but for me they seem so flashy! I've said before it's almost distracting to me to have red on my nails. Demetria might make me get over this as she is so pretty!

 Jace is a modern tropical green. When I saw Jace I thought oh it's almost a granny smith apple color. Nope dried darker than I thought. So a dark granny smith apple color. Jace is a warm tone polish.

 Nana is a deep fuchsia. Nana would make it on my wear it for summer list! I think she is a bright and fun color. Nana is a warm tone polish.

 Serenity is a great purple. I can't believe my camera loved me enough to let me show you this polish!  Serenity is a cool tone polish.

 Talia is a turquoise cream. Here is my other staining problem polish. I will probably throw on two coats of base coat and call it a day when I wear this again. Talia is a cool tone polish.
If you are looking to find the perfect color for your skin tone Zoya has a video on their youtube channel you might want to check out!
I like these just maybe for a late summer (my opinion) for my nails...I just need BRIGHTS right now. I love the formula and finish on these as always! Watch for tomorrow for the second part of the summer collection Paradise Sun.
Thanks for checking out the blog today! Like always you can find Zoya to purchase here, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, and on Pinterest.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Just a neon kind of day!

Hi all today's post is a quick one...I am wearing right now a sponged/gradient manicure. I used three wonderful neon polishes from Salon Perfect. I used Oh Snap!, Mer-Made of Money and Purple Pop! I stamped with a white polish and used Bundle Monster Plate BM 404. My base color was a white from Salon Perfect called Sugar Cube which is a great white and really made the neon colors pop!

I really liked how this turned out! I think I'll be doing more gradients in the future! Have a great day!

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sister Saturday!

Hi all today is Sister Saturday for Anne and I over on Instagram. You can find Anne HERE and me HERE. Here is my look for today...I just wanted to add a bit of stamping to it! I really love how this turned out.

 So this week was a Radial Gradient. I used Zoya Ali, Pippa, and Robyn.

 I then took my new stamping plate from Born Pretty (plate BP-52) and stamped my nails (using Salon Perfect Sugar Cube).
I'm really happy with the way this turned out! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Neon Pop from Salon Perfect

Hi all today I have for you Salon Perfect's Neon Pop! (sent to me for review). These five colors are only here for a limited time and are available now at your local Walmart.  Anne reviewed the core line of Salon Perfect's Neon Pop last year you can check those out here and here.
With neon polishes I usually wear a white base so the polish pops more as you will see most of these with the exception of one looks almost if not the same with out white as an undie.  In all the pictures I used the white base on my RING finger only. I also used Salon Perfect's crystal clear top coat in all of these swatches...A really good top coat in my opinion dries quick and gives a nice shine! Let's take a look at these neon polishes!

Copacabana Girl is a nice coral neon that has a purple shimmer. I used two coats on my ring finger and three on the rest of my fingers.

Mer-Made Of Money is a creamy bright teal that went on in three coats to cover completely and two coats over white.

 Oh Snap! is a very neon rose pink that went on in three coats for full coverage and two coats over white. You can tell a slight difference on my ring finger in the picture but in real life I couldn't see one.

 Purple Pop! is a bright purple that went on in three coats for full coverage and two over white.

 Wrapped Around My Pink-y is a neon pink jelly. This is the one that looks different with the white (which is two coats over white and three on it's own).  Such a nice summer color!

So if you decide to use these over white or by themselves they all had good applications. Good dry time like with all neon polishes they usually dry quick. I think they are perfect for summer and so is the core line of neon polishes from Salon Perfect! You have one shimmer, three creams and one jelly so a little bit of everything.
You can find these now at a Walmart near you! You can also find Salon Perfect's web page here, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.
I hope everyone has a nice day and I leave you with a Group Shot!

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

China Glaze Electric Nights swatch and review

Hey everybody:) Today I have China Glazes Electric Nights Collection to share with y'all, they sent these to me for review. This is a 12 piece collection that has 9 neon cream polishes that glow under black light and 3 splatter effect top coats (hexagon glitter top coat). Lets get started!

Treble Maker is a neon cream polish that covers in two coats (NO base white coat required!). This color looks mint neon green to me and I love it!!! I'm not a lover of green but this is a perfect neon green for summer!

UV Meant To Be is a baby blue neon polish that goes on in two coats. I thought this one was going to be a little less neon and more pastel but on and in the sunshine it is definitely neon.

Plur-ple is a light purple neon that goes on in two coats. This is a neon purple for those people who want purple but not shocking purple.

Red-y To Rave is a bright orange/red neon cream polish that goes on in two coats. This polish is my favorite out of the bunch! I love the bright intense color that kinda reminds me of Flip Flop Fantasy on steroids! This has to be the perfect summer color!

DJ Blew My Mind is a deeper blue neon cream polish that goes on in two coats. This is the darker blue from the collection and in my opinion the one that looks more neon. FYI this one stained my nails a bit so use a base coat!

Violet-Vibes is a bright neon purple cream polish that goes on in two coats. This is the brighter purple for the collection and on me looks more violet than purple like the bottle.

Daisy Know My Name? is a highlighter yellow neon cream polish that almost covers in two coats (as you can see). This is a super bright yellow that just screams SUMMER! I like this polish but wasn't too happy with having to put more layers on or use a white base... but with most neon polish, a base just brings out the color more.

Home Sweet House Music is a light neon orange cream polish that goes on in two coats. This polish reminds me of Sun Worshiper if the lights were out, lol! Great color and not too intense.

Glow With The Flow is a light neon pink cream polish that goes on in two coats. I was surprised that this color made it into the neon collection, from the bottle it looks light pink and not neon at all... but on my nails in the sunshine it definitely gets the neon check!

Point Me To The Party is a splatter look top coat that has hexagon neon glitter in a top coat. I love this top coat (really reminds me of a top coat I have already from Polish Me Silly, Hmm). This is a great top coat for summer but I have to warn you that you have to put on a lot to get good coverage.

Let The Beat Drop is a neon splatter top coat that just has pink and orange hexagon glitter. So for those people who only want orange and pink, this is the top coat for you. Not really happy with this top coat, I think its the combo of colors on me but maybe on someone else it would look awesome.

Can I Get An Untz Untz is a green, blue and purple splatter top coat that has hexagon glitter. I'm in love with this color combo, perfect over white! This would be cute as an accent nail along with any of the neon blue, green or purple polish from above. LOVE ♥

Overall I love all of these polishes! China Glaze did a great job on this neon collection and BONUS they Water Marble!!!! Yes you read that right these neon polish water marble like a dream! If you want to see my water marble check it out HERE! So RUN don't walk and grab these babies for your collection, cause once its hot you are going to want these on your nails! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of this collection. 

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Happy Polishing Everyone!

Friday, April 10, 2015

A mani I forgot to share!

Hi all here is a mani that I forgot to share so for a quick post today here it is.  I used a black base stamped with MoYou London's Princess 10 plate. Color Club's Miss Bliss is what I stamped with!

I hope everyone has a great day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pretty Flowers

Hi all today I'm wearing Mint Julep from Salon Perfect's Sugary Sweet Collection and I decided to do a little free hand nail art. A simple and cute manicure.
I started off with some grass made with Salon Perfect Loopy Green and Escape Neverland I also mixed those two together to make another shade of grass to make it all blend. 
Next I added some dots with Salon Perfect Put a Ring On It and Lilacking Control. 
 A simple and bright manicure that didn't take to long and is a mix of bright and pastel!
I hope you have a great day!