Monday, July 6, 2015

A little this a little that!

Hi all so today's post I started out with a gradient of Purple Pop and Mer-Made of Money from Salon Perfect. It didn't blend the way I wanted so I did a bit of experimenting with stamping to see if these would stamp. They did perfectly!!! I used BM 319 stamping plate -the little lines...going over the manicure many times with each color (purple pop and mer-made of money) to get this look then I stamped a heart on using Salon Perfect Oh Snap! and an Essance plate I bought at Ulta (no number on the plate). 

In real life the heart (oh snap!) is so much brighter and it surprised me how bright it came out! I think I need to keep these in mind when I need a bit of neon stamping!
Thanks for check out our blog. Have a lovely day!

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