Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year Everybody!  This is a little early but I wanted to show you what I've done on my nails for the biggest party of the year:) This is super easy and doesn't have to be perfect:) I started off with NYC 217, light pink, then I used NYC Black Lace Cream on the tips ( this part doesn't have to be perfect cause you're going to cover the line up). After that dries I applied a line under the black just to hide the imperfections, I used Zoya Trixie. Letting that polish dry I busted out the glitter:) I started off with Funky Fingers Stage Dive, just around the line area... not all over!! After that I used China Glaze Fairy Dust, this can be used all over but I just started at the "line" again and did light coats to build up the look I wanted:) Here are the pictures.

I hope y'all have a Happy and Safe New Years!!!! Happy Polishing Everyone:)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Let's bring in the new year!

Today I have for you Dr.'s Remedy Serene Silver Glitter (only 2 coats)... I thought what would be a good stamp for New Year's day BM19 polka dots seemed right! I stamped the dots with KleanColor Metallic Black! I really like this look. 

I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year! 

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Quick Post From Michigan

Hello everyone I had a few pictures that I forgot to make into posts before I left for Michigan...and since I was pretty much off the Internet because it's family time I didn't check until now and I know it's a tad late but I would like to share some of the pictures anyway....

This is very bubbly from the way I did it and if I could do any of my holiday manicures over this would be it! It's so cute I mixed a few colors to make the cheeks, the reindeer's antlers and body color. I used Julep Sienna as my base color which is my first gold and it is very beautiful! 

This is FingerPaints Mulberry Madness from last years holiday collection I just love it! So beautiful!!!

Here is a fade and since I have no notes or anything with me I can't tell you what I mixed with anything to get it but I was trying for snow at midnight. Usually when snow came down in Georgia for the first time that year my Mom would wake us kids up to look out the window and show us and all you could really see is darkness with a touch a flurries...I love how this came out with some iridescent dots thrown in to reflect in the sun!

Here I took my spectra flair black and used some nail tape and made a line for silver! omg this is such a pretty holographic and I couldn't capture it for the world but I still had to show it off!

This I had so much hope for! it was going to be dark cherry chocolate color but the red shined through more in real life then in the photos I took...I stamped it with the holly and to be honest if I could have removed the jewels I used I would have I like it better with just polish dotting where the holly berries are!

Last but not least is a tape manicure that I just loved doing it was so easy a few strips of nail tape (I used 3) and viola! I think I wore this around for a few days and didn't want to take it off .... I just liked it so much!

Ok so that is all for today I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years Day and you are safe!
See you in the New Year.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hits Hera:)

Hey Everybody just wanted to say a quick hello... Hello:)  Hope everybody had a great Christmas and got everything they wanted:) Well I have been sick for the past week and a half, so to make myself feel better I put on Hera from the Hits collection. I know y'all have seen this on my toes but I wanted to show you again this awesome Holo. This really did make me feel better and put a smile on my face:) Here are a few pictures.

Hope that Hera put a smile on your face like it did mine:) If your looking for this polish head over to Llarowe  Leah Ann has the prettiest polish on her site:)
Happy Polishing Everyone:)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sun Burst

OH I love messing around with tape! I started with Sally Hansen Prisms Mandarin Garnet (4 coats this polish is a little thin) which is a PINK with sprinkle of holo I then decided to tape it up and put Sally Hansen Prisms Diamond on top! I really loved when the sun hit this it just shined!

Pinkish in the bottle Orange in pictures I'm a little confused but it's ok I like how it turned out on my nails!
I love playing with nail tape! I have tried out a few manicures with the tape now and I know if I have one coat polish that goes over the base color I can just put the tape down on all of my nails then paint on top...and quickly remove the tape!

I know I have a few more Tape manicures to try! Have you tried a tape manicure?

Monday, December 19, 2011

A little sprinkle of Fairy Dust!

Hey everyone a favorite combo of mine for the winter season is Zoya Freja (3 thin coats) topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust! I usually stamp this with metallic blue and white  snowflakes but today I was just in the mood for Freja with a sprinkling of Fairy Dust!

This really is a favorite combo of mine!

Do you have a favorite combo?

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Collection Name: FingerPaints Special Effects
Availability: January, in stores only
Shade names:
·         Flashy
·         Twisted
·         Asylum
·         Flecked
·         Motley
Price: $5.49

I love some Girly Bits

 Hello everyone today I have for you a review for Girly Bits Polish made by Pam from Girly Bits. Pam has a collection out called Sea's The Day and today's post you will see 2 of those colors from that collection!

This is the whole collection aren't they beauties! 

Here is how Girly Bits comes wrapped I love it! The colors I received are Purple Potion and Denim Diva.

Here is a closeup of the Girly Bits sticker that comes on your package. I love it!

Let's get started this Beautiful color is Denim Diva! This is 3 thin coats of Denim Diva which is a great dusty blue that has shimmer that shines in the shade or sun! This blue sings to my blue polish loving heart!  Here are the pictures.

Denim Diva went on smooth and she didn't need a top coat either oh yes that is right no top coat!

Now on to my favorite color in the world Purple! This is 3 thin coats of Purple Potion...oh man did Pam make a winner with this one!! Purple Potion is a purple base with purple, fuchsia, copper, indigo, and green glitter and it also has Holographic glitter! Oh how much is this color just made for me?! Let's get to the pictures...

All this glitter isn't it wonderful? It was a tad rough that you can get with glitter but a top coat fixed that right up! I couldn't stop looking at my nails when I had this on.

The formula on both of these polishes are everything you want in a polish normal dry time,  great shine. 

Now I know you want to get your hands on some Girly Bits here is the ordering info page.  Pam ships from Canada and only accepts pay pal right now.  These Girly Bits are so worth it!

The product(s) in this post were provided to my for review. For more information please visit our Disclosure Policy Tab.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I have a love of peppermint and when I saw the stamp I instantly thought of peppermints! I started with KleanColor Metallic Red (2 thin coats) , then stamped (using bm213) with Ruby Kisses French White (the white shows the red through it but I didn't mind this time) I dotted the peppermint looking circles with Wet n' Wild Hallucinate! 

Very pretty! And it made me happy because I had peppermints on my fingers!

What is your favorite winter treat?