Thursday, December 15, 2011

Up All Night

Today is My Mom's birthday so I asked her a bit ago what she thought of my ideas for Christmas Manicures and she came up with today's combo! So Happy Birthday to my Mom <3. Today I'm showing China Glaze Up All Night (two thin coats and it was perfect!)  I love this blue! It's shiny and glows..but inside it is more blackened with blue shimmer...yes it's that dark of a blue!

 I then took out my konad plates because my Mom wanted a snowflake! M57 plate has 2 snowflakes! I took out my Konad special polish in silver just to give it a try because I had problems with it showing up! BAM! it worked but I also put on some spectra-flair top coat snowflakes but with the Konad special top coat it just brushed it away v_v but it's ok because it looked really good (you can't see from the pictures but there was a sparkle of holo on the other side of the snowflake that was so pretty!)

I'm off to Michigan tomorrow! Going to spend some awesome time with family ^_^ 

What do you think?  What are you doing this holiday season?

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