Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I had a play day :D

Hello I hope everyone had a good weekend! ^_^ I put on Manglaze Mayo the other day while I had sun I was hoping to try out a few different things out that I had running around in my head...then my sister came over and showed me a thing or two on PicNik and I played around with that...so before you go right to the pictures I couldn't tag everything in the "labels" area so I will list that after the pictures ^_^

Thanks to Jeanie over at Midnight Manicures I got me thinking the other day about some of the posts I have done...and I said why not play around while I have sun!

So I wasn't going to post this but obviously I didn't clean it up that well...that is where most of the playing in picnik was ^_^
With a base of Manglaze Mayo--
On my Index finger I put down tape then with an angled tiny brush I used these polishes- Orly Fabulous Flamingo, FingerPaints Lavender  Highlight  mixed with China Glaze White on White, Zoya Robin mixed with White on White, Zoya Pippa mixed with Color Club I Always Get My Man-Darin.

On my Middle finger- O.P.I. Yoga-ta Get This Blue!, Wet n' Wild Saved by the Blue and Buffy the Violet Slayer, Orly Purple Crush mixed with China glaze White on White, China Glaze White on White mixed with Color Club Tangerine Scream, Color Club Tangerine Scream mixed with I always Get My Man-Darin, Zoya Pippa mixed with China Glaze White on White. *upper part of my nail I used-- Zoya Robin then I mixed some Zoya Robin with China Glaze White on White and layered that on top.*

On my Ring finger- Essie Braziliant (by my cuticle), Super Bossa Nova (on the middle of my nail), Meet Me at Sunset (on the tip of my nail) *after applying (brushing these on and not letting them dry) these I took a square brush dipped in pure acetone and I wiped the brush from my cuticle out.

On my Pinkie finger- Color Club Wicked Sweet, What a Shock!, Volt of Light. After applying these in an L shape with the bottom of the L towards my cuticle with my just the corner towards my other nails having Volt of Light on it after that I put Wet n' Wild Saved by the Blue over everything and then I wiped most of that away with with a square brush dipped in acetone.

When I was done I topped everything with a nice shiny top coat! I love everything I tried out! I showed Anne everything when and she told me that my index finger looks like tie-dye! I agree but I was going for a sun rise. With my middle finger I was going for a sun set. ^_^ For my ring and pinkie I was trying something I saw done with different colors and I really REALLY like the way my ring finger came out! I think I will be trying these again maybe with different colors..

So what new manicure design have you tried lately?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A naive girl or young woman.

That's not me! Ingenue is in the dictionary as A naive girl or young woman. Today I'm wearing Orly Ingenue (3 thin coats). Ingenue is purple based with a touch of pink with gold shimmer that shines through. Inside I see a lot more of the gold and pink come out but outside you will not mistake this for anything but a wonderful purple (lilac) base! 

I was a little hesitant about wearing this at first but after wearing it for a few days it has grown on me! I might even wear this during Easter it's such a nice color!
What is your favorite season? I think I'm ready for Spring I need a little sun and bright colors!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Passion for you!

Hi all ^_^ this is O.P.I. DS Passion (3 thin coats) that I wore over the weekend! Even inside you could see this shine with holo-goodness! I wore this when I got it on my toes but I like it a lot more on my nails!
My first 3 pictures are inside with flash-Last 3 are outside with a sticker I added on Monday.

This lifted my spirits a bit because it's HOLO! I think I will be moving into more bright colors just because I need it! 
Do you have a polish that you will wear only on your finger nails or just toes?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meh kinda day

Hello! I have for you today nail polish strips I found at 5below a while back I grabbed probably 4 packs of these used one already while in Michigan and I can say I didn't like them...I wasn't sure if it was the pattern or what so I decided since I have them around and wanted something quick and easy that was simple and easy to do I put these on...To be honest I wore these for about 6 hours (maybe less) before I was done! I did put a topcoat on them thinking if I seal them in (top coat around the tip and all over the nail) then I could wear them longer. I have to say I have used a few nail polish strips from different brands and I don't care for them to much I don't know what it is but they just don't work for me.

 Here is the outside--you get a orange stick and a nail file and a piece of tape to seal it back up with if you don't use them all.
 Here are the sizes all 6 of them. So the smallest size is still a bit bigger than my nails (but I have been told I have tiny nail beds).

My finished nails with top coat...

After I took these off my nails I had the adhesive STUCK on there..after using nail polish remover (regular non-acetone) I got a scrub that a dear friend gave me <3 and used that...still had adhesive on there but only in a few spots..Now I do love this pattern but it was catchy in places in one place it totally wrinkled up and looked like poop :( I was so sad! So that being said I probably will let my niece try the left over stickers I have or something like that..I know I will stay clear of these from now on!

Have you used nail stickers before? Like them? Dislike them?

Friday, February 17, 2012

♥ Rainbow Flakie Nails ♥

Hey everybody! I have for you today a spectra flair car inspired mani done with Finger Paints Special Effects:) While I was going through Bing for mani inspiration  the other day I came across a awesome picture of "Rainbow Flakie Nails"  . Wow these nails blow my socks off!  So here I am today with Rainbow Flakie Nails:) I started this mani off with Color Club Alias, then in the middle of my nail I used Wet N Wild Black Cream..... After that dried for a while I busted out my flakies! I started the rainbow effect with Finger Paints Motley on the sides of my nail, then I moved on to Flashy in the middle of my nail and last but not least I used Flecked on each side of Flashy. I did have to use two good coats of the Finger Paints to get the look I wanted. After everything was dry I applied a to coat of Orly Love Each Other. Here are the awesome pictures:)

I hope you can see the look I was trying to go for. Here is a picture of a car with spectra-flair on it.

Super cool right! I really love the way this mani turned out. Rainbow Flakie Nails ROCK!!!!  Tell me what you think, Yes it's awesome or no way rainbows are for the sky only!
Happy Polishing Everyone!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Doodle Time"

Hey everybody:) Hope y'all had a great Valentine's Day:) Today I have for you a mani for the "Doodler". When I was in school (back in the day, lol) I use to doodle and everything! I saw this mani on Pinterest "Doodle Mani" . I started thinking ..... I use to doodle all the time and loved it, so I wanted to share my doodles with you ♥ For this mani I used Zoya Snow White, Color Club Pure Energy and Wet N Wild Black Cream. Super easy and this helped to bring out my inner child:) Here are the pictures:)

Hang man, flower, sunny day, xoxo ♥ 

Brings you back to those days when life was easier:)  I smiled the whole time sitting doing this mani for y'all:) I use to have these all over my notebooks, and do you remember playing hang man??? Well I hope this put a smile on your face:)
Did you doodle???? If you did what did you doodle?

Happy Polishing Everybody!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What will you be wearing to the opening ceremonies?

With THE HUNGER GAMES about to begin, Capitol citizens can show their support for their chosen district through China Glaze®’s exclusive Capitol Colours nail polish collection.  The collection combines rich crèmes, soft shimmers and bold glitters to create the limited edition 12 shade nail polish collection inspired by the most anticipated movie release of the year.

The China Glaze® Capitol Colours collection includes the following shades:

·         Dress Me Up – A stripped down dark rose pink crème
·         Foie Gras – Decadent dark crème taupe
·         Fast Track – Soft sandy brown with a gold metallic shimmer
·         Hook and Line –Pearlescent light grey
·         Stone Cold – Matte slate grey with shimmer
·         Smoke and Ashes – Black-based teal with multicolored shimmer
·         Agro – Moss green with gold shimmer
·         Mahogany Magic – Reddish-brown crème
·         Harvest Moon – Crystalized copper shimmer
·         Riveting – Bright orange shimmer
·         Electrify – High-wattage gold and ruby red glitter blend
·         Luxe and Lush – A high octane flaky overcoat

The release of the collection follows the debut of the China Glaze® Capitol Colours consumer and beauty trade advertising campaign featuring the story’s Effie Trinket, who is assigned by the Capitol to escort and prepare the Tributes from District 12 for the 74th Annual Hunger Games.  The ad features the tagline, “What will you be wearing to the opening ceremonies?,” encouraging fans of THE HUNGER GAMES to support their favorite tribute and district by wearing a corresponding shade.  Full-page ads will run in the March issues of teenVOGUEPeople Style Watch and InStyle.

China Glaze® Capitol Colours will be available in early March 2012 at salons and specialty beauty retailers including Sally Beauty Supply and ULTA stores, coinciding with the release of THE HUNGER GAMES in theatres March 23, 2012.  Individual shades retail for $7.  The collection will be available in a 12-piece counter display as well as open stock colors.

China Glaze® is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde. China Glaze® nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, visit: www.chinaglaze.com or follow China Glaze on Facebook and Twitter: http://twitter.com/ChinaGlaze

China Glaze® is a division of American International Industries.

©LionsGate Films Inc. All Rights Reserved.  www.thehungergamesmovie.com 

Opals are beautiful!!!! *Water Marble*

Hey everybody:) I just wanted to say how great y'all are, the response to the Bad Ass Water Marble was amazing..... Y'all Rock! Now today I have another amazing (well at least I think so) water marble for y'all. This water marble was inspired by an Opal.  I saw this an HAD to do a water marble!! Here is the picture of my inspiration .


This water marble was not easy to get the combinations right ....*exhausted*  But I finally got it right!!! I started off with Color Club What a Shock as a base color. The green was the hardest part for me to figure out...... I needed this green in the marble but it just never seemed to work out right. THEN----------- lightning struck! Put the green as the base coat.... DUH! Then moving on to marbling colors, I wanted to have the dark blue in the marble so I went with OPI Yoga-get this Blue ♥ And then I wanted to bring in the other shades of blues(cause I already had the green covered) I went with 2 ULTA Polishes Jaded and Dance Teal Dawn.  This combination was perfect! Here are the amazing water marble pictures:)

I hope you can see the colors I was trying to duplicate from the Opal in this mani.  I love how the green pops out from underneath the water marble. Oh before I go on I had a little mash up with my pinkie that's why you can't see it so well(it was the first one I did and the colors ran together). This was fun to do.... I love water marbling, every nail has something different on it! Is there a color combo you want me to try???? Leave a comment and I can try it, it may not work but I will try and I will give you a shout out on the blog:)

Happy Polishing Everybody!

Friday, February 10, 2012

♥♥♥ Valentine's Mani ♥♥♥

Hey everyone :) I wanted to get this Valentine's Day mani(s) up before this weekend cause I know most of y'all are going out to celebrate.
So the first one I have for y'all is is what I like to refer to as "I See Spots". I used Zoya Snow White and OPI  Color so Hot it Berns. This is a super easy mani I just painted white and red nails and the used my dotter to do dots on them. Super easy and super cute:) Here are a few pictures.

The next mani I have for y'all is very similar to the last one but with a twist. This mani I like to call "My ♥ is Yours" Every time I look at this mani I here the song by Selena Gomez  "Love You Like A Love Song"...LOL. Okay anyway......... For this mani I used Zoya Ali, Sweet, and Trixie, Kleancolor Holo Pink, and Wet n Wild Black Cream. Here are a few pictures.

And last but not least this is a mani that I found on Pinterest. Now this mani picture I found did have a watermark on it but did not revert back to a website( I would love to give her credit). So anyway....... I call this mani  "I love You, I win!" For this mani I used Zoya Snow White, OPI So Hot it Berns, Wet n Wild Black Cream. Super cute for Valentine's Day!!! This did take a little more work with all the free hand that has to be done. Here are the pictures.

Hope every one's Valentine's Day is special ♥ Happy Early Valentine's Day to every single one of y'all!!!
Okay which one of these are you going to try this weekend???? And do you think you are going to get something extra special this Valentine's Day??

Happy Polishing Everyone:)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I love being "Spoiled" ♥

Hey everybody:) I have a new Spoiled polish for y'all today.... Shrimp on the Barbie ♥ This from Wet n Wild's new line.... I'm in love with these polishes! So, this past weekend it was super warm here in Ga and I was thinking spring....*sigh*. I had to go to CVS again *wink*, and picked up this beauty:) Shrimp on the Barbie is a pink based polish that has a gold/peach glitter to it. I can't wait until the summer when I have a tan again, this polish is going to rock my socks off:) What a beautiful line of polishes Wet n Wild have created with this Spoiled line!!! So here are the pictures.


Well the polish by it's self  is amazing.......... but I had to add a little nail art. I ♥ this mani:)

Just a simple way to make the ordinary( not really ordinary, beautiful) mani look like a million bucks!!! Can't you just see this on your nails with a pair of peach shorts and white tee, YES!!!! I'm so ready for spring:)
Any polish your looking forward to wearing in the up coming spring/summer season???

Happy Polishing Everybody!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Step on a Crack!

Hi everyone just a quick post from me. The weekend before last I was going out to watch Underworld  Awakening and I needed something with quick drying time and of course it had to be pretty. Color Club Revvvolution fit that description to a T! Two thin coats of Revvvolution and one coat of INM Out the Door and I was ready to go!

 I wanted to keep wearing this throughout the week so I stamped it with BM208 in Color Club Worth the Risque. I really like the way this turned out!

I think I wore this manicure for a total of 5 days! Usually I would keep a manicure on for 3 days max. 

What is the max time of your manicures?