Friday, February 10, 2012

♥♥♥ Valentine's Mani ♥♥♥

Hey everyone :) I wanted to get this Valentine's Day mani(s) up before this weekend cause I know most of y'all are going out to celebrate.
So the first one I have for y'all is is what I like to refer to as "I See Spots". I used Zoya Snow White and OPI  Color so Hot it Berns. This is a super easy mani I just painted white and red nails and the used my dotter to do dots on them. Super easy and super cute:) Here are a few pictures.

The next mani I have for y'all is very similar to the last one but with a twist. This mani I like to call "My ♥ is Yours" Every time I look at this mani I here the song by Selena Gomez  "Love You Like A Love Song"...LOL. Okay anyway......... For this mani I used Zoya Ali, Sweet, and Trixie, Kleancolor Holo Pink, and Wet n Wild Black Cream. Here are a few pictures.

And last but not least this is a mani that I found on Pinterest. Now this mani picture I found did have a watermark on it but did not revert back to a website( I would love to give her credit). So anyway....... I call this mani  "I love You, I win!" For this mani I used Zoya Snow White, OPI So Hot it Berns, Wet n Wild Black Cream. Super cute for Valentine's Day!!! This did take a little more work with all the free hand that has to be done. Here are the pictures.

Hope every one's Valentine's Day is special ♥ Happy Early Valentine's Day to every single one of y'all!!!
Okay which one of these are you going to try this weekend???? And do you think you are going to get something extra special this Valentine's Day??

Happy Polishing Everyone:)


  1. They are all adorable!!

  2. Thanks ladies:) Super cute and easy to do!

  3. These are so cute!! I wish I had a dotting tool but I don't =(

  4. @ Karma Thanks! The dotting tools I use I got off ebay for about 2.00 free shipping. I ♥ them!

  5. great manis!! I love the pink and black one!!

  6. Okay, so I got a dotting tool today and I guess for my first time it wasn't to disatrious but my "I Love You, I Win!" main is nowhwere near as clean as yours.

    How did you get your Black Creme not to go on as thick? I think I'm going to try "My <3 is Yours" tomorrow...

  7. @Karma I have had to use polish thin on Black Cream one.... this polish seems to get old quick, but luckily its cheap:)I hope your mani's turned out awesome!
    Have a Great Valentine's Day Everybody!


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