Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Opals are beautiful!!!! *Water Marble*

Hey everybody:) I just wanted to say how great y'all are, the response to the Bad Ass Water Marble was amazing..... Y'all Rock! Now today I have another amazing (well at least I think so) water marble for y'all. This water marble was inspired by an Opal.  I saw this an HAD to do a water marble!! Here is the picture of my inspiration .


This water marble was not easy to get the combinations right ....*exhausted*  But I finally got it right!!! I started off with Color Club What a Shock as a base color. The green was the hardest part for me to figure out...... I needed this green in the marble but it just never seemed to work out right. THEN----------- lightning struck! Put the green as the base coat.... DUH! Then moving on to marbling colors, I wanted to have the dark blue in the marble so I went with OPI Yoga-get this Blue ♥ And then I wanted to bring in the other shades of blues(cause I already had the green covered) I went with 2 ULTA Polishes Jaded and Dance Teal Dawn.  This combination was perfect! Here are the amazing water marble pictures:)

I hope you can see the colors I was trying to duplicate from the Opal in this mani.  I love how the green pops out from underneath the water marble. Oh before I go on I had a little mash up with my pinkie that's why you can't see it so well(it was the first one I did and the colors ran together). This was fun to do.... I love water marbling, every nail has something different on it! Is there a color combo you want me to try???? Leave a comment and I can try it, it may not work but I will try and I will give you a shout out on the blog:)

Happy Polishing Everybody!


  1. Lovely! Water marble is so much fun!!!

  2. Oh wow! This is gorgeous! I think you hit the nail on the head with this one, but it also looks like a cosmic tye-dye!


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