Monday, July 25, 2011

CND Virgin NO more!

First I would like to thank CND for sending product for us to review, Thanks:) First impression was they kinda just look like regular nail polishes,  nothing special ... BOY was I wrong.
I have to say WOW!!  Here is a picture of the set of them.

I did use a base coat that I had first and then applied CND Smoochie. This is the first time I've ever used CND polish and now I'm having a love affair ♥ The top of the bottle was easy hold, kinda a just right fit. And the bristles on the brush, let me just say  it was like a little brush from heaven♥ You polish folks know what I'm talking about, nothing is worse than finding an awesome color and then the application brush sucks, No problems here:) Okay when CND says all you need is two thin coats...they ain't just whistling Dixie!!! I could have used just one coat and the polish would have been awesome but I can follow directions so I used two THIN coats.  Here is a picture of CND Smoochie.

one coat!

two coats:)

The dry time was a little faster, but get this ladies I could push on the polish within 15 minutes and nothing! No movement, no prints, no nothing:) That is awesome for a girl on the go like me, I have two kids and have no time to let polish dry.

The next polish is CND Effects in Sapphire Sparkle. This is an iridescent light purple sparkle polish. A easy application brush just like Smoochie. I would call this my top coat for a night out on the town ♥ So here is a picture of Sapphire Sparkle on top of Smoochie.

I hope every one can see what a difference Sapphire Sparkle made on top of Smoochie. HOTNESS!!!!  I had to go outside to get a good picture but even inside I could see how the"effect" really gives your polish that 3D effect:)

Here is the low down on CND...
~ 50 cream colors 
~ 15 effects 
~ put these together there are 800 combinations you can make. 
~ NO toluene, formaldehyde, or DBP
~ Fast complete dry time

So ya'll I have to say my first experience with CND was great. I enjoyed the color and effect. And would recommend you going to and checking them out. I don't think you will be disappointed, I wasn't:)

Happy polishing everyone,

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

SpaRitual Evolve Summer 2011 Collection

Hello From Michigan everyone! Today I have for you SpaRitual's Summer Collection Evolve. This is my first experience with SpaRitual and let me tell you this has to be one of the best polishes I have ever used! SpaRitual is a Vegan nail product that is also DBP, Formaldehyde, Toluene free! The Bottles are made out of reusable glass from Italy, with 50% of the glass being recycled which is just a very big bonus to me! The "plum cap" looked a little awkward at first but when I started to use them I fell in love it is very easy to hold and the grip is very useful for getting the right hold to polish your nails. All the pictures I will be showing today are 3 thin coats of polish (no top or base coats) So let's see the collection?
The Evolve Collection is 6 colors (left to right) Twig, Sacred Sands, Driftwood, Pebble, Moss and Native rock! I love the shape of the bottles they are really easy to hold and look pretty to!
This is Twig which is a nice light brown color that really reminds me of twigs! I like this color and I have nothing like it in my collection right now.

This is Sacred Sands which to me is a nice soft peach color I really liked this color but I didn't go to well with my skin tone.

This Green beauty is Moss and probably my favorite of the collection I don't usually tend to lean towards greens when picking out a polish but this one called my name and I couldn't wait to put it on.

Native Rock is shines and was a nice grey inside but went outside and WOW it turned to be a light grey with a touch of lavender to it! Purple and me are best of friends! It's a beautiful polish.

Now this is Pebble. Pebble is a darker color and in my first picture would be green but wait take it outside again it turns dark grey with a touch of green to it. Pebble reminds me of a river rock that you can pick up and skip across the lake.

Driftwood reminds me so much of homemade marshmallows in color. When I first picked it up to put it on that is exactly what I said to myself I have homemade marshmallows on my fingers! Driftwood is like a nice sun bleached log.
That is the Evolve collection!
SpaRitual can be bought at local salons and retail for around $10. On SpaRitual's website they have a nice search so you can find local spas near you that have/use SpaRitual.
I really like this collection because it gives you something that is a little toned down but you can still rock it with your beach outfit...I actually think this is the perfect collection for the beach it screams take me to the beach! The application and formula is superb.
How do you like these colors? Until next time ^_^ enjoy your polish!
The product(s) in this post were provided to me for review. For more information please visit our Disclosure Policy Tab.

FingerPaints Fall Fashionista

Monday, July 18, 2011

♥Glitter Fade♥

This is just a short post about a glitter fade I tired out over the weekend,  and let me just say I loved it:)  I've been in this polish depression, not wanting to do anything and not very happy with what I had, so I decided to kinda make my own polish (not really), but it felt that way after I finished my mani. So I was going to start this mani with sponging but quickly found out that with glitter polish you don't have to, just go from thinnest to thickest. NO  sponging required!!! So here is a picture of the polishes I used...Inm Northern Lights, Cover Girl Goddess, Kleancolor Midnight Seduction, NYX 162, and OPI Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous.

Again I started off with INM, it is suppose be a top coat but goes on the thinnest so that's where I started. Next was Cover Girl and with this next polish I moved up from the bed of my nail just a bit(so I could get my fade look). Kleancolor was 3rd and this polish had the most color glitter(lots of red and blue glitter) and again I moved up with the polish. The 4th color was NYX and this polish had the big chunky glitter in it. Last but not least OPI on the very tip, I did this one on the tip because it gave it that completed fade look I was going for. And here a picture of the completed look:)

Hope you guys enjoy this Glitter Fade as much as I did! I think the next thing I'm going to try is a splatter mani! 
Let me know what ya'll think about the mani and tell me what colors I should use on my splatter mani.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Haul This!

Hey everyone today I have a few pictures from hauls in the last 2 months I would say I just wanted to show y'all what I have...

Left to Right: L.A. Colors Art Deco Blue and Red Glitter, Wet N' Wild Creamy Poppy, Sally Hansen Hd Pixel Pretty, KleanColor Midnight Seduction, L.A. Colors Treasure Island
Sally Hansen Hd Blu and Hi-Def, Wet N' Wild Caribbean Frost, Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud and Yellow Kitty
INM silver holo top coat, FingerPaints Hue Left A Message?, China Glaze Blue Iguana and Grape Juice, Finger Paints Private Collection, Seche Rebuild
Cherimoya 2012 Apocalypse(crackle), NYX Girls Dynamic Glitter, KleanColor Blue Holo
Nicole by O.P.I. Party in the Penthouse, Nicole...Spotted!, Respect The World (matte), No Limits (matte)
L.A. Colors Wave Length, China Glaze Spontaneous and Strawberry Fields (a backup bottle), Seche Rebuild, China Glaze Ick-A-Bod-Y, FingerPaints Whose Hue?, China Glaze Fortune Teller and Sugar Plums, (front) Sally Girl # 812007, China Glaze Peppermint Oil, Sally Girl (unknown)~~then I have a packet (in the back) of nail art in the back from Sally's (Midsummer Dream) and in the front are a nail gem wheel with all colors circles and 2 clear and rainbow square gems

I have a few that don't have pictures that are FingerPaints Give Pink A Chance,Sally Girl #812132, China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses, China Glaze Mummy May I, Ahoy!, Color Club Revvvolution, Wild at Heart, Love 'em Leave 'em, Worth The Risque.
Here is my first ever swap that I had with the lovely Jeanie from Midnight Manicures I can't wait to try everything! (L-R) Juicy Couture gold, pink, and silver sparkles. My first Funky Fingers Gold Coast, (back/Blue) Baby Baby Baby, Sand & Stilettos, Icicle Lights and my First Nubar 2010!!

So with all this new polish I have a box of new stuff that need to be tried!
Okay until next time Lovelies have a great day...please tell me if there is something you want to see first?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wandering around the penthouse!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your week. Today I have for you Nicole by O.P.I. Party in the Penthouse (I got this for $7 for a set of 2 at Marshalls, the other color in this set was Nicole...Spotted!) I have such a love for blue that when I saw these in the store I couldn't pass it up...This is 2 coats of polish...I wore it for 3 days (which seems to be my limit sometimes for wearing polish). Party in the Penthouse is such a nice dark blue color that changes to teal in the sun. Such a beautiful color! Here are my pictures!

Party in the Penthouse is such a beautiful color no matter if you are inside where it is a darker color or outside where it just shines lighter! I feel that I can wear this polish every season of the year!

Short and sweet today enjoy your day Lovelies ! Tell me what is your limit to wearing polish?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

China Glaze Metro Collection Preview


China Glaze Introduces 12 New Purely Pigmented Crèmes, High Coverage Glitters and Intense Shine Shimmers for Fall 2011

Los AngelesCA – (April 2011):  City living boasts excitement, a cool, edginess and confidence that oozes from fashion forward women like none other.   City loving celebs like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Ivanka Trump, Rosario Dawson and Jaime King have style to spare and their fashion sense trickles down to everyone from working women to college kids. This Fall, China Glaze has captured the big city feel in 12 sexy, sophisticated shades that are on trend, exciting and will be on every fashion maven’s “must have” list.  Whether you prefer downtown funk or uptown class, China Glaze’s METRO collection pulls together ensembles and will undoubtedly make heads turn!  Colors in this collection include:

·        Skyscraper: A sparkling, glitter blue reminiscent of the sky over the city.

·        CG in the City: Glittering dusty purple, bronze and silver multi-tonal glitter, perfect for a pop of edge from West side to East side.

·        Urban-Night: Exactly what you need for a night on the town – rich purple crème.

·        Traffic Jam: Stop traffic with a breathtaking, raspberry pink crème.

·        City Siren: The perfect deep, red crème to match any outfit. 

·        Loft-y Ambitions: Burgundy shimmer and cocktail hour – nothing better.

·        Brownstone: Burnt terracotta crème mirrors the quaint townhouses of the city.

·        Midtown Magic: Burgundy base with flecks of gold shimmer captures the latest fashion trend.

·        Street Chic: This gorgeous beige crème is the perfect go to shade letting your clothes do the talking.

·        Concrete Catwalk: Steel grey crème is amazing for a chic mani.

·        Westside Warrior: For the trendsetting woman this camo green crème is to die for.

·        Trendsetter: Mustard yellow shimmer translates beautifully from hot dogs to nails.

Fall in the City is a magnificent time and China Glaze has interpreted the hues of the urban jungle into their limited edition METRO collection.   Escape your everyday and indulge in the city life!

The China Glaze METRO collection will be available in a “Downtown” 6 piece box collection (includes Skyscraper, Concrete Catwalk, Westside Warrior, Trendsetter, Loft-y Ambitions and Midtown Magic), an “Uptown” 6 piece box collection (includes CG in the City, Urban-Night, Traffic Jam, City Siren and Street Chic and Brownstone), a brand new, amazing 3D 12 piece counter display, a 36 piece rack display, and as open stock colors.

China Glaze is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde.

China Glaze nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, or follow China Glaze on Twitter:

China Glaze is a division of American International Industries.

About American International Industries
For nearly 40 years, AII has been the leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of innovative, quality beauty and skin care products for men and women.  Our product lines include Ardell, Andrea, Body Drench, Bye Bye Blemish, Checi, China Glaze, Clean + Easy, Clubman/Pinaud, Duo, European Secrets, EzFlow, Fright Night, Gena, GiGi, Gypsy Lash, IBD, Jeris-Lustray, No Tweeze/Micro Tweeze, 'N Rage, Prolinc, RAW, Seche, SuperNail, Surgi-Care, Waterworks,  Winning Nails, Woltra, Woody’s, and Youthair. For more information, visit our website: