Monday, July 25, 2011

CND Virgin NO more!

First I would like to thank CND for sending product for us to review, Thanks:) First impression was they kinda just look like regular nail polishes,  nothing special ... BOY was I wrong.
I have to say WOW!!  Here is a picture of the set of them.

I did use a base coat that I had first and then applied CND Smoochie. This is the first time I've ever used CND polish and now I'm having a love affair ♥ The top of the bottle was easy hold, kinda a just right fit. And the bristles on the brush, let me just say  it was like a little brush from heaven♥ You polish folks know what I'm talking about, nothing is worse than finding an awesome color and then the application brush sucks, No problems here:) Okay when CND says all you need is two thin coats...they ain't just whistling Dixie!!! I could have used just one coat and the polish would have been awesome but I can follow directions so I used two THIN coats.  Here is a picture of CND Smoochie.

one coat!

two coats:)

The dry time was a little faster, but get this ladies I could push on the polish within 15 minutes and nothing! No movement, no prints, no nothing:) That is awesome for a girl on the go like me, I have two kids and have no time to let polish dry.

The next polish is CND Effects in Sapphire Sparkle. This is an iridescent light purple sparkle polish. A easy application brush just like Smoochie. I would call this my top coat for a night out on the town ♥ So here is a picture of Sapphire Sparkle on top of Smoochie.

I hope every one can see what a difference Sapphire Sparkle made on top of Smoochie. HOTNESS!!!!  I had to go outside to get a good picture but even inside I could see how the"effect" really gives your polish that 3D effect:)

Here is the low down on CND...
~ 50 cream colors 
~ 15 effects 
~ put these together there are 800 combinations you can make. 
~ NO toluene, formaldehyde, or DBP
~ Fast complete dry time

So ya'll I have to say my first experience with CND was great. I enjoyed the color and effect. And would recommend you going to and checking them out. I don't think you will be disappointed, I wasn't:)

Happy polishing everyone,

The product(s) in this post were provided to me for review. For more information please visit our Disclosure Policy Tab


  1. Smoochie looks really nice! I have Sapphire sparkle...and let me tell you...if you really want to see magic, layer that baby over a dark blue or black! You have to try it! I Love CND! :)

  2. Sapphire Sparkle is so pretty. I've been dying to try CND effects and might actually get around to it after seeing this beauty.

  3. Erika I will try that it sounds awesome:)
    Kristen you have to try these they are awesome, I am going to get some more soon:)
    Thanks ladies

  4. Wow! Love that color and the top coat makes it even prettier. I have the CND Stickey Anchoring basecoat and I LOVE it. I need to try some of their colors! Also, I love your blog!

  5. Thanks Olivia...I am going to have to save my money to get some more CND polish. Pat is going to receive these soon and do a review.


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