Friday, February 17, 2012

♥ Rainbow Flakie Nails ♥

Hey everybody! I have for you today a spectra flair car inspired mani done with Finger Paints Special Effects:) While I was going through Bing for mani inspiration  the other day I came across a awesome picture of "Rainbow Flakie Nails"  . Wow these nails blow my socks off!  So here I am today with Rainbow Flakie Nails:) I started this mani off with Color Club Alias, then in the middle of my nail I used Wet N Wild Black Cream..... After that dried for a while I busted out my flakies! I started the rainbow effect with Finger Paints Motley on the sides of my nail, then I moved on to Flashy in the middle of my nail and last but not least I used Flecked on each side of Flashy. I did have to use two good coats of the Finger Paints to get the look I wanted. After everything was dry I applied a to coat of Orly Love Each Other. Here are the awesome pictures:)

I hope you can see the look I was trying to go for. Here is a picture of a car with spectra-flair on it.

Super cool right! I really love the way this mani turned out. Rainbow Flakie Nails ROCK!!!!  Tell me what you think, Yes it's awesome or no way rainbows are for the sky only!
Happy Polishing Everyone!


  1. Wow, these are awesome! Very intense and super pretty!

  2. Love this look! Will have to try that some time.

    And I love the color of that car, really, I should get my car painted like that

  3. You nailed this!!!! Love it, I wanna try it out :)

  4. Thanks y'all:) I really love all of our readers:)

  5. That looks really nice!


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