Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Step on a Crack!

Hi everyone just a quick post from me. The weekend before last I was going out to watch Underworld  Awakening and I needed something with quick drying time and of course it had to be pretty. Color Club Revvvolution fit that description to a T! Two thin coats of Revvvolution and one coat of INM Out the Door and I was ready to go!

 I wanted to keep wearing this throughout the week so I stamped it with BM208 in Color Club Worth the Risque. I really like the way this turned out!

I think I wore this manicure for a total of 5 days! Usually I would keep a manicure on for 3 days max. 

What is the max time of your manicures?


  1. I bet that was one super shiny mani! so much holo pretties :)
    My nails always chip really badly really fast so I don't usually keep manicures on too long, unless Im super busy with school!

  2. one of my faves for sure! :) very pretty!


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