Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meh kinda day

Hello! I have for you today nail polish strips I found at 5below a while back I grabbed probably 4 packs of these used one already while in Michigan and I can say I didn't like them...I wasn't sure if it was the pattern or what so I decided since I have them around and wanted something quick and easy that was simple and easy to do I put these on...To be honest I wore these for about 6 hours (maybe less) before I was done! I did put a topcoat on them thinking if I seal them in (top coat around the tip and all over the nail) then I could wear them longer. I have to say I have used a few nail polish strips from different brands and I don't care for them to much I don't know what it is but they just don't work for me.

 Here is the outside--you get a orange stick and a nail file and a piece of tape to seal it back up with if you don't use them all.
 Here are the sizes all 6 of them. So the smallest size is still a bit bigger than my nails (but I have been told I have tiny nail beds).

My finished nails with top coat...

After I took these off my nails I had the adhesive STUCK on there..after using nail polish remover (regular non-acetone) I got a scrub that a dear friend gave me <3 and used that...still had adhesive on there but only in a few spots..Now I do love this pattern but it was catchy in places in one place it totally wrinkled up and looked like poop :( I was so sad! So that being said I probably will let my niece try the left over stickers I have or something like that..I know I will stay clear of these from now on!

Have you used nail stickers before? Like them? Dislike them?

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