Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Glitter Gal's Red 3D Holo........ Pictures:)

Hey everybody today I'm swatching Glitter Gal's Red 3D Holo. Wow, What a great red for the Holidays. This red has that extra holo shine that you want for those parties everybody has invited you to. And without having to put on a extra top coat to achieve it, cause seriously who has time for and extra top coat this time of year:) Well here are the pictures:)

Wow... I mean what a beautiful Holo:) This polish was given to me for swatching by Leah Ann from Llarowe. Go check out her site!
Happy Polishing Everyone:)


  1. Very pretty!
    BTW I tagged you!

  2. That is gorgeous on you and such a great color for Christmas!!! Gorgeous nails and thanks so much for the shout out!! :D

  3. Thanks ladies... this is going to be on my nails for my family Christmas party:)


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