Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sun Burst

OH I love messing around with tape! I started with Sally Hansen Prisms Mandarin Garnet (4 coats this polish is a little thin) which is a PINK with sprinkle of holo I then decided to tape it up and put Sally Hansen Prisms Diamond on top! I really loved when the sun hit this it just shined!

Pinkish in the bottle Orange in pictures I'm a little confused but it's ok I like how it turned out on my nails!
I love playing with nail tape! I have tried out a few manicures with the tape now and I know if I have one coat polish that goes over the base color I can just put the tape down on all of my nails then paint on top...and quickly remove the tape!

I know I have a few more Tape manicures to try! Have you tried a tape manicure?

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