Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Wonderland Day 5.......Tips and Stars

Today is the last post in the Winter Wonderland mini series:) I really wanted to do another water marble for y'all but it just wasn't working out for me:( So I went with a Navy tip and silver star:) I had received my doters earlier this day and was itching to use them. The polishes I used in this mani were OPI Yoga-TA-Get This Blue  and Zoya Trixie. I really think this a cute look for winter, Christmas, or even a office party:) Here is a picture of my nails.

                          And here is a picture of the polish I used.

Just a quick and easy mani for the holiday season:) Hope that this walk through this Winter Wonderland was inspiring and made you smile a little bit:)
Happy Polishing Everyone.

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