Friday, December 9, 2011

A diamond in the snow?!

Hello! Recently I found Sally Hansen Prisms Diamond at ROSS! I first wore it to see Breaking Dawn with my sister! The polish just fits for the movie so I had to wear it! It's a beautiful holographic! This is 3 thin coats of Diamond.

 I then wanted to try out some nail art.. Snowman time!!! I used Ruby Kisses French White for snow and snowman, KleanColor Metallic Black for the buttons and eyes, KC Metallic Blue-Red-Green-Pink-Purple for scarfs, and Barielle Cashmere or Leave Me for arms...I topped off the snow on the ground (tip of my nail) with Nubar 2010 to make it look like reflective!

I think it turned out really cute and was happy with it!

Are you a snow person? Or would you rather be on a beach sipping a cold beverage?


  1. aww this is too cute! your nails are like lil snowglobes with snowmans inside!!

  2. this is too cute!!! I am defintely a snow girl!!! but only because I rarely see it.

  3. Love snowmen, and love your designs!!! I need to get a white so I can play around with making one too, although I'm sure mine will end up just looking like a blob of white-out, LoL.

    Great work!!

  4. I love your snowmen:) They are super cute:) Good Job Pat ♥

  5. this is actually really cute, i always leave my holo polishes plain becuase i think it might be a bit overwhelming but this is soo pretty :)


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