Thursday, August 27, 2015

Zoya's Fall Collection Focus ... Swatch and Review

Hey everybody:) Today I have Zoya's Focus collection to share with y'all, they sent them for my review. The focus collection are made up of 6 bold colors that complement any fall outfit. I love cream polish there are so many things that you can do with them, *hint, hint* I'll have a water marble for y'all in another post!

Charli is a taupe cream polish that has a hint of green in it. Two coat coverage. I liked this color for a basic everyday color, something you could wear to the office. Not a bad color for a start into Fall:)

Desiree is a classic brown cream polish. Needs two coats to cover. This polish reminds me of a chocolate bar, yum! A great cool color that will go perfect with all of those Fall boots.

Hannah is a classic red cream polish. Two coats are needed for full coverage, please use a base coat to prevent staining. I liked this color but on me it looked like it turned red with a slight orange tint, even though it didn't show that way in the picture.

Sia is a true royal blue cream polish. Two coat will give you full coverage. This is a pretty fall blue, not too bright as too appear spring but not too dark as to look like a winter polish... just right:)

Lidia is a rich eggplant cream color polish. Two coats are needed for full coverage. This purple is so pretty, I love purple in the Fall.

Janel is a deep red cream polish, deeper than Hannah. Two coats are needed for full coverage. Now I like this red a little better for my skin tone, it really was very pretty on and didn't change into orange. Janel is a great addition to my reds, perfect for Fall.

Overall I liked the Focus collection, a great start to Fall. All the colors go great with the new Fall clothes that are out, I can't wait to put on my boots... guess I have to wait on that Fall weather!! Zoya did a great job with this collection!
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Happy Polishing Everyone! 

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