Monday, October 10, 2011

Russian Navy

I'm a sucker for blues!  There I said it! While at JCP I went into the salon and found out that they had a sale (yes while I was in Michigan) for buy one get one half off! now I love O.P.I I started collecting with an O.P.I. (I'm not really a waitress..and I finished the bottle!) so I looked around at what they had and picked up this because I have a need for an O.P.I. blue that my sister has! (Correct me if I'm wrong Anne but I believe it is "Yoga get this blue") Seriously I have love for that blue! well on to today's beautiful blue! I put on Russian navy expecting my usual 3 thin coats...nope 2 thin coats is all I needed! 

Now I couldn't leave well enough alone >. > well it happens < .< but this one turned out to be a winner not a fail which made me super happy! I took my SF Topcoat and konaded with it! I went looking through a few of my plates and found one that was perfect! M57 it was!

LOVE!! I love the look the sf tc is subtle but not! 

As always I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

What is your favorite color to wear on your nails?



  2. I'm glad you liked it DebbyL...I had fun playing around with the sf tc :)

  3. Sooo beautiful! I love and adore all things blue, as you may know by now, and this looks fantastic! I'm totally lemming Yoga-ta Get This Blue, too, by the way. When I visited my mom in NY this summer, I chose that color for a pedi and I just love it. I kept that pedi for MUCH longer than I should have, lol. This one looks fabulous, too!

  4. @Kari If I could find another bottle of Yoga-ta get this blue I'd be in heaven it really is a wonderful blue that I would wear all the time!

  5. The topcoat left a perfect stamp! Wow! I bet it looks AMAZING in the sun!


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