Saturday, October 29, 2011

oh Caitlin!

Caitlin, Caitlin where oh where have you been (besides in my sister's stash!) I am over visiting Anne's polish >.> stash <.< . I was looking for a color for an idea that I had running in my head! Looked around for a minute and picked up Zoya's Caitlin! I knew Caitlin was it! First I put on my Reinforcement Labels for my tips! Second I painted the tips (2 thin coats...and looks like it could use a third). Caitlin is described as a Smoky purple-tinged medium gray.

 This is the color of Caitlin!
 Flash for sure makes her a little to bright....but I had to show you anyway because she is a beauty!

 Again natural Caitlin...After I was done with step 2 I took the stickers off so I could clean up the lines a bit! Step 3 I re-did the reinforcement stickers so I could stamp over my tips with BM13 web design in KleanColor Metallic Fuschia. This turned out exactly as I saw it in my head!

 Then I took it another step with the spider and looking back I think I should have gone with a different color spider but I thought this would look good!

 And of course I added a spider on my thumb but he looks fine there...maybe because on my ring finger he looks HUGE! I'm not sure...but I like him on my thumb!
 For my last step I should have listened to myself with ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Patricia! BUT nope I didn't and went ahead and put on a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust...but it truly covers up the web design and just doesn't give this manicure any points.

I loved this manicure before Fairy Dust was put on it! It came out exactly as I wanted it to! It really does shock me to say this but Fairy Dust didn't improve hurt it...maybe if I had done a base coat of Fairy Dust then started the French tip so FD was in the background it might have worked better!...C'est La Vie!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed this and all the other Halloween posts and are inspired for a Halloween party, Handing out candy, going to work or whatever you happen to have planned!

Take a look back with me!
Day 6 Black (Betty) Cat


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