Thursday, October 6, 2011

A new love!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen let's be honest just you and I! I have a few loves in my polish stash that I have found via bloggers! The polish I'm showing you today is one of them! Polish Fixation  had a post up while I was away showing this beauty and I knew I had to get it! This is Rustic Dream (which is found at rite aid...look for the big CQ on the bottle) and I think I wore it while I was up in Michigan 3 or 4 times (switching between this and a few nudes I picked up also). My usual 3 thin coats and I was off for the day.

 Isn't she lovely? Isn't she beautiful? I fell hard for this lovely lady! I have to say I don't tend to lean towards a orange polish at all...but this one wowed me! I had received a spectra flair topcoat before I left for vacation and I brought it along with me to try out! Well day 4 came along and I knew I was ready to take this polish off when I look over and see my sf topcoat! Slapped that sucker on and viola! Magic happened!
 Didn't come off for another 2 days!

I'm a sucker for holo and one super thin coat of sf topcoat turned it into a holo madness! (yes the sf tc does change the color if you use a heavy hand but if you try to keep it thin you will get magic!) Now I have to thank Erika from Polish Fixation because I have found that not only am I loving this color for summer but I'm loving it for fall!

Until next time Everyone I hope you have a fantastic day!

What is your favorite color that you have picked up because of a blogger?

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  1. Yay so glad you got this polish and loved it as much as I do!!! It looks amazing on you!! :)


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