Sunday, October 16, 2011

My First Nails Inc.(Halloween)

HI all!!!! SO I have heard of Nails Inc. London for years and drooled over them for awhile. When I heard that Nails Inc. was coming to Sephora I jumped on the site so quickly...I found what I had searched for/wanted since late April.... Magnetic Polish! I said to myself (and a few friends) this is going to knock crackle out of the park! I received Trafalgar Square for my birthday ^_^ (with Houses of Parliament which is a to die for purple!). So today I have Trafalgar Square which is a wonderful "chrome" color! Now I have noticed that it is a little trial and error when it comes to doing the magnetic part of the nails but it turns out darn awesome when it is done correctly! Hit or miss this is just beautiful to me! 

Let's start with my ring finger I wanted this to be a Halloween run for a GAGA look I wanted to try out! So my ring finger has 3 coats (the polish is a little on the thin side) of Barielle Out-Grey-Geous which is a beautiful Silver with a shimmer of gold to it. then for my GaGa umph I added rhinestones in black and magenta! Now to my beauty TS was 2 coats just like the instructions coat as a base then a thick coat over the all your nails with the first color coat then one nail at a time you do a thick coat then immediately using the magnet (I held it there for the count of 30-50). And Viola! I know my index doesn't look right and I truly don't know what went wrong...but I will be wearing the purple (Houses of Parliament) next so we will see how that goes! Enough!!! on to the pictures!

Yes I know there isn't but a few but to get the sun to come out today I snapped a few very quickly and was surprised that I got 3 to show up! My inspiration was Lady GaGa's Born This Way album cover. 

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Tell me what are your favorite Halloween nail polish Colors?

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  1. I have an essence magnetic polish, but i don't have any magnets. I think I will try with a kitchen magnet.


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