Friday, October 28, 2011

10 Days of Halloween..... Day 7

Hey everybody today is the 7th day in my 10 Days of Halloween and I am loving this mani:)
I call it Vampire Nails... and I know I have some Twilight Fans out the so you can also use this for opening night ( cause I know my twi-hards will be there) of Breaking Dawn:) This is a sponge mani, I used OPI's Base Coat, OPI's Color so Hot it Berns, a mini OPI that I don't have the name to and  Wet n Wild Black Pearl. Here is a picture of the finished mani.

Now if you y'all want to use this for Breaking Dawn add a little sparkle to your nails with a top coat like Northern Lights. This will give you that Vampire out in daylight look:) Here is a picture of the polishes I used.

Love all these colors together:) You can change it up and do a reverse mani and start at your nail beds with black and fade out to red... cute maybe I will try this later.
Happy Polishing everyone, I hope that you are not having any tricks pulled on you and that sweet treats are coming your way:)


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