Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Cat's meow!

Hiya! Today is a quickie.... I have  China Glaze Cross Iron 360 (3 thin coats pictures taken inside...first and third picture with flash second picture no flash)

I took this baby out for a spin the other day and I thought I needed a little Holiday MEOW! to it! So I took out my KleanColor Metallic's (they stamp so awesome!)...picked up Metallic black and Green...picked out my stamps and went to work! (stamps M57 and BM13) Now I wanted something a little different and in real life the spider from BM13 showed up great but went to take pictures (btw it's the green shimmery stuff you see on the nails is the spider) it just didn't turn out right.

 I like the Meow this manicure has and to me. It had just enough meow you could wear it with your cat costume this year or even just cat ears!

And I know everyone is checking out our Halloween Manicures! Just in case you missed it here ya go:

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Zombie Nails

 Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays! ...So tell me what is your favorite Holiday?

I hope everyone had a lovely day...See ya again tomorrow!

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