Friday, October 7, 2011

Birthday post from a wonderful friend!

First off I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Debby and I am a visitor here today from Maybe You're the crazy one: The Polish Collector. I am here today to celebrate Ms Patricia's birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I chose purple because well it's her favorite! *LOVE* I feel honored that she would let me invade her space for a mani dedicated just for her. Thank you girlie!! Now on to the good stuff: (check the end for a picture of all the supplies I used) The color I used as a base for this mani was China Glaze Black Diamond. The real drama happened AFTER that See we have kids and with that comes a LOT of art and craft supplies. I have been DYING to use some of the glitters I bought at the craft store, on my nails. They came in a set of 6 holographic colors and for my mani I chose the purple. I took glue (any glue would do) and dabbed a little where I wanted the glitter to stick. Then I rolled each nail in the glitter. I let it dry a little and used a soft brush to brush away the excess. Then I topped that with 2 coats of Gelous, which can be found at any Sally's. After that dried slightly I used a purple So Easy Striper and added the stripes. Then one more coat of Gelous and a coat of my regular top coat. This mani came out so awesome!! The glitter definitely was holo, considering at some angles it was green, some it was blue and sometimes you could see the purple. Under different lights it would change too. I got SO mani compliments for this one. BUT first and foremost I did this mani SPECIFICALLY for Patricia. HOPE YOU LIKE IT GIRLIE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! The supplies (plus a base coat and top coat) Hope you enjoyed it!!
 Love & Sparkles,
 Maybe YOU'RE the crazy one!

I just want to thank Debby so much for doing this! It turned out beautiful!  I hope everyone goes over to visit Debby at her wonderful blog! Thank you so much again Debby!
Everyone have a wonderful day! ~~~~Patricia~~~~

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