Monday, March 12, 2012

Water-Marble THIS!

Hi Lovelies today I have for you a water-marble with a few Zoya's. I used Marley, Skylar and Tru...I did start out with Lotus as my base but when I went to try to drop it in the water it wouldn't spread. So I took it out of the mix! I did like a few...on  my left hand my thumb and middle finger and my right hand my middle finger. 

Left Hand

 Right Hand

I liked playing around with the lines or just swirling the polish around for this water-marble! So I really  no idea  what I did but I had fun! It was hard to do my right hand but I think that is why I did it first (it's my dominant hand). 

Have you water-marbled yet? What is your favorite color combo?

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  1. i love water marble! Its just very hard to find a color combination that will work. I love this manicure, love the combination !:)

  2. So pretty.. it reminds me of the ocean!

  3. I was just about to say what Jodi did, that it reminded me of the ocean, I love it!


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