Saturday, March 3, 2012

Red French manicure? YES please!

Quick post from me today I have for you another Spectra-Flair concoction. The base color is Orly Haute Red...I did this with Orly minis because I happened  to find a sale last summer and grabbed a few. When I mix with Spectra-Flair I always like to mix in a new bottle but in this case I really liked the base and wanted to use it on other things without Spectra-Flair mixed in it so thank goodness for mini bottles that you find in double!! Here it is! Haute Red pumped up! 

I love mixing! Simple and easy to add a bit of holo to a polish..not very expensive adventure with Spectra-Flair might to be to add it to a Teal!

What do you think what is the next color you would like to see with a bit of Spectra-Flair added to it?
I have a few colors with it already mixed in Black ,Orly Fabulous Flamingo, Orly Purple Crush...but I'm up to mixing it with other colors --blue, teal, purple....

I did say this was a quick post correct? ok Later Everyone <3


  1. very nice mani! love the spectra !

  2. I love any color french manicure. That is beautiful. Almost looks like Glitter Gal Red Sparkle..

  3. What a cool mani! I love the red holo tips! I love your nail length too.

  4. This manicure is so beautiful!


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