Monday, March 5, 2012

a-England St. George

Hey everybody:) I have another beauty for y'all today.... a-England's St. George♥ I have had my eye on this polish since it came out (well even before that). It was really just calling my name .... Anne buy me, you know you want me! lol So I hopped on over to Llarowe and purchased it:) When I opened the envelope it came in I was just in aw of the beauty of this polish. I know I've said this in the past ... I hate green polish, well I think I'm changing my mind!
St. George is a deep sea green color that has all this sparkly goodness in it.... *heavens part and angles sing* This polish goes on super easy and with two coats you are ready:) I think this would be a mermaid's dream color:)
Okay so here are the pictures:)

So what do y'all think??? I *love* this color:) I think I'm going to try some stamping with this and maybe a silver or what design should I use??? I'll bring y'all the pictures as soon as I have them :)

Happy Polishing Everyone!

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