Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today  is a fabulous day! So today I have my first successful water marble manicure! I say success because it wasn't gloppy mess! I used 3 colors only (and shhh no base except a regular base coat- which I think was LA Colors base coat).. I used all KleanColor -Metallic Fuschia, Metallic Green, and Metallic Black. Now the reason I tried it with no base coat was because I wasn't really going to keep it on...because of my last failure with water marbling. These turned out wonderful (I think at least) Now being a follower of My Simple Little Pleasures I fell in love with water marbling but it never turned out ok when I have tried it...I love my ring and index finger the most! So lets take a look ^_^

 A bit Blurry but I had to show it off anyway!
Now on my Index finger I was trying for a star she did last year for Christmas time  I know I will keep trying water marbling now that I have found some polish that works and feel a little bit more confident! I love these colors...but boy was this messy even with tape I had a big clean up job!

Tell me have you tried water marbling? What are your favorite colors to mix and match (even for a regular manicure) I would love to know!
Until next time Ladies!


  1. OMG, Patricia, that is AMAZING!!! LOVE the color choices! great job!!!

  2. Thanks Jen this turned out better then I thought it would! <3 ~Patricia

  3. OMG they look amazing! love your posts! x

  4. I haven't tried watermarble yet, but yours turned out REALLY cool! Love that you tried it with all those really shiny colors! :)


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