Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Cat Friday:) ChocoCat ♥

Hey everyone:) I know it's Black Friday and must of you are out shopping, but I wanted to show you the cutest cat ever!!!! Chococat!!!!! Now I now that everybody loves Hello Kitty but I love Chococat ♥ He is so super cute:) So I was thinking I need a cute mani to wear for Black Friday.... cause I have to work, Yak!!! Chococat was the cutest and best thing I could think of and like I said I wanted to work on my free hand nail art. These are the polishes I used Zoya Snow White/ Sweet/ and Gemma, NYC Black Lace Creme, Finger Paints Haute Taupe, Piggy Polish Sunshine Highway, Sally Hansen Stone Creme, and Nail Savvy light blue(no name). And here is the picture of Chococat!!!

                          Here is an up close picture of Chococat.

I just love the way he turned out ♥ Just a little FYI Chococat was given his name because his chocolate colored nose:) Here is a picture of the polishes I used.

So why not make Black Friday fun.....make it into Black Cat Friday!!!! Let me know what you think of Chococat and was there anything you bought today that was an amazing deal!!!
Happy Polishing Everyone!

I do not own "Chococat".... Chococat is owned by Sanrio.


  1. omg! I love chococat too! so cute!

  2. Thanks Jeanne From NC.... He really is my favorite:)

  3. Thanks Shopping Addict ... I just love ChocoCat ♥

  4. woooooooooow! this is so cute!!!!

  5. Thanks and it was super easy to do:)

  6. Aww this is so adorable !

  7. Thanks ladies ♥ Chococat.... I am going to have to try my Hello Kitty out soon:)


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