Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gobble Gobble!

Hi everyone.... I don't put away my Halloween colors just because Halloween is over oh no! I use them for Fall....actually depending on the color I might just use them year-round... So a little while back I was thinking since Thanksgiving is coming up I wanted to try to make something that I remember making (and seeing from my niece and nephew) while I was in school...ya know the really colorful Turkeys that have different color feathers! Ok so with that in mind I just wanted a children like turkey and I know I'm not great at free-hand nail art but I had to try!

So I started with Wet 'N Wild Creepy Pumpkin 3 thin coats! I wanted to background to just sparkle and this was a great choice!
I then picked out my stamp BM15, and of course going for little kid turkey I picked very colorful colors for my turkey in KleanColor Metallic- Green, Purple, and Red.

I then borrowed a brown and red from my sister and got to work! I had my dotting tools so I started with making a head for my ring finger I wanted a full body turkey. I made some eyes (using a white and black) then a beak...

My turkeys are on the look out for people!

I hope those that are celebrating Thanksgiving this week will spend it with family or friends and have a wonderful day.
I hope you all have a wonderful day today!

Do you have a favorite dish at Thanksgiving/Holiday time? 

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