Saturday, November 19, 2011

Robyn doesn't make my day blue!

Last day for Zoya week and I have for you Robyn.  I wanted to go out with this pretty Blue! I feel that you can wear bright colors anytime of year (same with darker colors)! Zoya describes Robyn as a perfect turquoise cream. I took a few pictures so you could see how this looks...(order of pictures are--sun, flash, shade--all taken outside)..This is 3 thin coats of Robyn check her out!

 I have been wanting to try out the BM225 stamp for awhile because it's a cover the nail but it's so beautiful  I knew this would match up perfectly! I took out KleanColor Metallic Sapphire to do the stamping since I hadn't tried it out either!
  For the life of me I couldn't capture this perfectly but I still had to show it off!
So if you aren't a bright color in the fall or winter time and have stamps why not try to do this! You will still have your bright color but it will be more of a highlighting color now!

I hope you have enjoyed Zoya week!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

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