Sunday, November 6, 2011

PURPLE (take two) picture heavy!

Hello Everyone! As promised part two of Purple...
This is what we started with remember? So BEAUTIFUL....Well for today's post (which is picture heavy because I wanted to show you my spectra flair topcoat!) I added Spectra Flair Topcoat and stickers...let's have a look!

Spectra Flair Topcoat no flash inside
 Flash inside
 Sun Shinning on Spectra Flair
 Outside before I put the sf topcoat on top of Wild at Heart!
 Now you have to SHAKE up the spectra flair topcoat and this is it all shook up!
 Lovely nails with lovely bottle shot!
I do have to say that you need to be careful with application of this because as you can see my ring finger is more pronounced then the others and looks more silver than the others (inside) because I used two super thin coats (not on purpose because I thought I missed a part went over it then noticed it was lopsided). Now inside (which I don't have a picture of sorry) the ring finger is noticeably a different shade! On to some more pictures...

 If adding a bit of Holographic BAM to Wild at Heart wasn't enough I then took stickers that I had and put one on my ring finger to make it look like an accent nail! 
 Pretty Flower!

I just love this manicure! Purple Holographic goodness!
Now I know I said this was a picture heavy post and I hope you don't mind! I just had to share.
I want to thank Harri for inspiring me to paint my nails purple!

Today is my niece "K's" Birthday and I hoping she has a wonderful day! Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend 

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