Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Zoya love...Kelly Rainbowed

My love for Zoya is growing...So this mani came about while on Zoya's fb page I was talking to another blogger Megan, she mentioned putting another Zoya color on top of Kelly I don't have that color YET! So I searched my polish for something very sheer and found four polishes. Out of the four I tried, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure became my here are the pictures!

Oohh so pretty! I just love the combo! grey + rainbow flakies = goodness!
Until next time enjoy polishing!


  1. So pretty!!! I have no flakies at all. The Glamsicles collection looked a bit flaky to me so I got Soho Punch and no such luck. It's still gorgeous though. I'm dying for Sally Hansen Hidden Treasures. You aren't hording another bottle are you? Isn't it discontinued?

  2. @ Painting Rainbows I wish I was hording another bottle! I got this one last summer and it was the last bottle of ht in the store!


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