Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Haul and Crackle!

When Sally Beauty announced that they had Crackle online I knew that was pretty much the only place I would be able to get it since out of the 3 stores I have around me only one might get it but wouldn't keep it long. So this is my haul from them... China Galze Crackle in Broken Hearted, Cracked Concrete, and Black Mesh, a base coat, some fimo fruit and is a picture. Now since I knew that I was going to be getting crackle today I painted my niece (who is 12) and my nails. Now K's favorite color picks of my polish are usually some of my brightest colors and she went right to China Glaze In the Lime Light (2 coats). So today I showed her how to use the Crackle.."you have to be fast, and that she could go in any direction if she wanted" so she told me "I get it I get it".. so I handed over her own bottle of Black Mesh and let her go to town. This is how her nails look!

Didn't she do a great job?! I think it looks GREAT! Love the green and black together. K told me it was "easy to use" and it's "Zebra like patterns are cool" !
Now for me! I put on Zoya Harlow which is a gorgeous matte "plum rose". I did know I was going to like it matte but I didn't know I was going to LOVE it with a top coat! Here are the pictures!

Isn't she beautiful? By today though it was chipping :( but I wasn't so sad because I knew I would get my Crackle today and slap that on it! Just look how pretty Harlow Mesh is!
I really like the look of this and can't wait to try the other crackles!

I have a quick story I was telling my Mom about this Crackle polish a few weeks back but calling it by Shatter and describing it to her and said that is was called by crackle in the 90's (???not sure on that) which was when she interrupted me with "crackle oh I remember that" *insert a small shocked face from me* and we both tried to remember when it came out (we figure the late 90's) and laughed about it!
Please tell me what you think I would love to hear feedback!
Until next time ladies!

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  1. i love it!! I just posted a very similar design but I used hyper haute from the tronica collection with the black shatter. They still look very alike. We have such good taste lol

    following now<3


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