Friday, February 25, 2011

Pink Matrix

Pink Matrix that is what my brother called this look...I started off with a base pink under Kleancolor Pink Holo..then added China Glaze Cracked Concrete and a little fimo flower which I'm not sure if I like or not, half the time I like it the other half I don't. Here are the pictures...

Kleancolor Pink Holo isn't 3 free and let me tell you the smell with these (I have 3 or 4) is pretty bad even with the windows open.
Let me know what you think would you wear a polish that has the big 3 or would you rather go with a polish that is big 3 free?
Until next time Ladies take care!


  1. Of course I'd rather go with 3 free, but I'm not really sure all those things are so bad. I mean fromaldehyde (that's one right?) is supposed to be cancer That is a gorgeous holo though. Where can you get those?

  2. @Painting Rainbows Yea I wasn't sure about the 3 free thing but after reading a great post from alu ( ) I figured I would be fine.
    My sister actually found KleanColor in just a small local beauty store that I would never thought to go into...if you are looking I would try a local beauty store.


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