Saturday, February 12, 2011


Zoya makes such great colors that I sometimes forget I have others. Now Tiffany is no where near my comfort zone in a color I would wear which coming from me is pretty funny...since I love neon purples and blues! I don't know but when I went for the color I was thinking that I need something that isn't purple, blue...This pink-ish peach color actually had my attention more the then popular Crystal from the same collection (flame). Here are the pictures!
Day 1, 3 coats of Zoya Tiffany. Day 2, I stamped it using Konad special black polish on ip 73 my favorite stamp by the way. Day 3, I added the black tips with wet 'n wild black..I have been seeing this on a few different nail polish blogs and can't say I liked it 100% but after trying it out myself I was sold on the idea! I like it a lot and think this just might be my Valentine manicure..
So what do you think of Tiffany?
Until next time enjoy polishing!


  1. Love this stamp! It's one of my fav's too!

    Love Tiffany! Don't have her yet though! :)

  2. @Amber ~~Tiffany is just a great color! When are you getting her?


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