Sunday, October 19, 2014

SinfulColors is ready for Halloween!

Hi all today I have for you four glitters polishes and Glow in the Dark Polish from SinfulColors (that was sent to me for review). I am showing you the glitters over white because I thought you would get a better feel of the glitter. I started with one coat (for all the glitters) on my pinky, two coats on my ring finger, three coats on my middle finger and four coats on my index. I did not use my blotting trick I usually do with glitter. So you could see how the glitter dragged and filled out.
Cauldron Couture is clear base with black and green hex glitter in many sizes. I liked that they tossed in the black with the green it reminds me of Wicked something I could see on Elphaba. It's a beautiful glitter that sparkles in the sun. 
Mystery Moonshine is a clear base with is a glitter that looks like confetti. Confetti like a kid got a hold of paper and started to cut here and there tiny pieces. The colors of Mystery Moonshine are blue, orange and green. The base of M.M. is slightly tinted but hardly noticeable.
Pumpkin Spice is orange hex glitter and mini gold glitter polish with a slightly tinted base (it's especially noticeable when you get up there with four coats of polish). I really like this one and I can see it would perfect for a gradient manicure with a little pumpkin in the corner of your nail.


Splatter Spell is copper/orange and black glitter some a larger hexes, tiny hexes and there is also triangles in there for the copper/orange color. I liked this polish at coat three! It was the perfect of not to much but just enough that it made me happy.

 Glow In The Dark is just what is says it is. It is a great glow in the dark polish. Here I'm showing you G.I.T.D over black and white. My first two pictures are over black and my last picture is over white.
I started with my black base I then layered two coats of gitd and stamped in black. The stamping wasn't very visible unless you are staring at my nails exactly what I wanted. When I turned on the black light on you could see everything perfectly. My Stamping was done with bundle monster plates Pinky- BM305, Ring- BM224, Middle-BM413, Index- BM414.
 Second gitd picture isn't great but I wanted to show you white with gitd on top of it. It popped that's for sure but the white stamp on top was drowned out by the glow of the gitd polish. On my middle finger I tried a drag marble (black base and lines of white and gitd) it worked out really well and I liked it but not exactly showing the drag to well in the picture. I stamped my nails with my new plate from MoyouUK plate Gothic #05 bats, skull (I guess my nail isn't long enough for it just yet) and stiches.

You can find these at Walgreens and Target now. There are a total fourteen shades in the 2014 Wicked Color Collection. So this is just the tip of the iceberg in colors for the collection. Tell me which is your favorite? I really liked GITD and Pumpkin Spice. Have a great day everyone!
Looking for SinfulColors you can find them here and here on Facebook. 
The product(s) in this post were provided to me for review. For more information please visit our Disclosure Policy Tab. 


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