Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pure Ice Vinyl Remix

Hey everybody :) Today I have for you some of the new Pure Ice Vinyl Remix. The Pure Ice Vinyl Remix is a DJ inspired nail polish collection that allows you to do Art in Motion. When this first showed up at my door I was like this is a cool twist on the crackle effect! I have 4 of the 6 colors Emcee Me, Rave, DJ Spinner and Vintage Remix...aka yellow, orange, green and purple! Okay so you start off with a white base that comes with the polish...Platinum Magic Base Coat. Then you get to go crazy with the color you want to use and how you want to use it:) I guess I was in a *meh* kinda mood cause I really wasn't sure on what to are the pictures.

Base Coat

As you can see in the pictures you can literally do what ever you want...side brush stroke, dots, half one color, so on and so on! I love that this changes the white to a different color:) I will say this to the folks out there wanting to get this and try it...less is more here! Don't try to glop on the top coat, just use this color coat in a thin layer so it will crack and look good. Overall I thought this is a cool idea for a teenage girl out there looking for a new polish, the polish was great polish ( nice white polish, colors really pop under the black).... this is just not me. I have always thought crackle was cool, I just hate the way it looks on me:(
Tell me what you think of this Magic Polish????

Happy Polishing Everyone!

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  1. Awesome! I saw these at Walmart the other day and I was wondering how they worked!

    1. yeah pretty cool.... I might give it another try:)

  2. I think crackle/shatter was what really triggered my nail habit. I still love them but I don't use them very often.

  3. Replies
    1. I think I have the smallest Walmart near me and that store even had them....:)


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