Friday, May 11, 2012

I can Never chose just one!

Hey everybody! This is the end of our holo week here at SSP and Pat wanted me to do one more post....she said "just pick one"! This is always easier said than done! So I decided to do a rainbow....well a kinda. When I was looking through my drawers I just kept pulling polish out...."this is pretty" and awing at the holo goodness. So I came up with idea after reading through my latest magazine and seeing the new ads....the one that inspired me was  a Sebastian hair product ad, and a girl in a super cute skirt!
Okay so I started off with Zoya's Raven as a base polish....such a great black! And then I moved on to striping my colors in rainbow order on my nails. I used Glitter Gal's Red 3D Holo, Hits Hestia, Kleancolor Holo Yellow, Hits Hera, Glitter Gal's Blue 3D Holo, and Kleancolor's Chrome Holo....I can never chose just one!
Here are the pictures:)

So can you chose just one or are you more like me and have to used them all???

Happy Polishing Everyone!

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