Saturday, May 5, 2012

Apple Butterflies!

Hello everyone ^_^. Today I have Zoya Apple (from the Sunshine Collection).... Apple is so beautiful and sparkly <3 (2 coats). Let's take a look.

I then decided to water-marble with black and clear because I wanted my base color to show through and I know that glitter doesn't water-marble well.

I have been looking searching pinterest for butterfly water marbles. So I decided it looked butterfly-ish enough that I thought it needed dots. I used a toothpick as I already had it out and got out my Layla Mercury Twilight...I love how this turned out!

See how shiny! I love this so much <3
Monday will kick off Holographic week here at Southern Sister Polish so come back and see what we have going on! <3


  1. Fantastic idea! I would have never thought to water marble with clear! It looks awesome :)

  2. FANTASTIC!!!! Love, love, LOVE IT!!!!!

  3. This is amazing!!! I need to do a holo month I have so many!

    1. Thanks Fingers! I think I could probably do at least 2 more weeks from the holo's I own and Anne could do another 2 weeks herself! WE love Holo's!

  4. SO gorgeous! I love it after you added the dots to the water marble. <3


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