Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jamberry Nail Shields

Hello Ladies today I bring to you from The Berry Nails a few Jamberry Nail Shields...I started off by prepping my nail (alcohol wipe)..Easy no base coat needed for these! I then  heated these up (one at a time) to put it on my nail...moved on to the next nail and so on. After these sat for a minute or two on each nail I figured they had cooled down enough (directions say to let cool before filing) so I filed off the extra. I painted my thumb in O.P.I. DS Signature (2 coats with a base and top coat). I wore these shields for 5 days and they looked the same as the day I put them on! They didn't budge or peel no top coat was needed! I did have to redo my thumb on day 3 because it chipped and I can't wear chipped polish! 

I really liked how these stayed on so well! To take these off I heated my nail up a bit and they pealed off...I then wiped my nail down with a alcohol wipe and voila..done!
I looked through the Jamberry web site and they have so many patterns I think you could find a pattern for every occasion! 

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