Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nail Art Wednesday.....Ahoy!

Hey everybody:) I'm here today with a nautical inspired mani.... for all my girls who are going on vacation soon, pay attention!!! First off....... I'm in love with Pinterest....and the other day I came across a really cute pedi picture and thought I could do this for my nails ...OH YEAH!!!!      

I started off with really cleaning my nails good, gave myself a good soak and scrub:) and then I jumped right in with China Glaze Blue Iguana on my ring finger, this goes on shear so I started here I could layer it up.
Next step was the tips, I used my trusty Zoya Snow White, I always try to do this carefully but you have to cleanup anyway * shrugs shoulders*.
After that I broke out my trusty clean up brush and make sure my tips look pretty good:)
Add a layer of my Blue Iguana.
I let this dry for a few and then get my nail art brushes (I love these), and add a thin line under my tip of Blue Iguana.
Add another layer to my ring finger. Let dry for another few.
Now on to the nail art... the anchor was the hardest part of this mani. I took my time and still had to clean up a little *sigh* oh well learning is half the fun for me:) Finally I added a bottom base color to my tips, and top coat and your done!!! Wow I think I might need a vacation after that, lol. Here are the awesome picture!!!

no flash

no flash

with flash

*HUGE SIGH* I'm in love!!!
So what do y'all mom said she loved it but I should have done this in red! My daughter just thought it was super cool:) Even the hubby said that he loved it:)  I loved it so much I wore this for 5 days...yes you read that right...5 days!!!! I did have to fix one nail but yeah I loved it that much:) Let me know if you try this and email me a picture, I would love to see it:)

Happy Polishing Everyone!


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