Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lyme Awareness

Hey y'all! Today I'm showing my support to another blogger (Jeanie is one awesome person I have met through Facebook and Blogging) some of you may be aware that May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month... to show my support I have a Green Manicure (Lyme disease is represented by a green ribbon) to show you. I want to share a few links first...Lyme Disease Association, American Lyme Disease Foundation,  and this is a link for the CDC.....One More Link...So I went through all of the Greens in my collection and picked out China Glaze Lazer Lime. 

Today's manicure I started off with China Glaze Lazer Lime  which was two coats.
Then I wanted to try something special since I heard Tronica's are awesome to water marble with! Well I got my Techno Teal and Hologram out and decided to give it a try!

LOOK I have a green fire on my pinkie!

Oh yea my Right hand (tape cut into my polish v_v).

This is my First Water-Marble that came out good! China Glaze Tronica's are great to Water-marble with...I might not use them so much because they are Holographic but I know I will be giving water-marbling more of a try.
I will be sharing other bloggers post via our FaceBook Page and My Twitter all through the month of May so keep an eye on those <3

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  1. Thank you Patricia! <3 you like a Sister! You are always there for me no matter what. I love your awesome mani's and nail art!

  2. Wow , this is sooo pretty!


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