Friday, May 4, 2012

Hand me that glass slipper!

Hello all! Today I have for you Cinderella...which I really haven't worn (until now) since I picked it up! I like the color but I'm not in love with it. Since I wanted to give it a chance I decided to give it a accent nail to pump up the manicure a little. I wanted to water marble with Cinderella but it wouldn't spread so I decided to give something else a try CLEAR! Yup I water marbled with clear (which I haven't seen done before) so I could see Cinderella through it... since it wouldn't work with me I worked around it! Now for the Clear I tried a base coat and a few top coats till I found that worked for me. I also picked out Zoya Moxie and Robyn because I thought those would rock together! I'm really happy with the way this turned out seeing as it was an experiment! Take a look ^_^

Right Hand accent finger.  As you can see the colors I used in the order of Color 1, Clear, Color 2, Clear--repeat. I feel like I have flower petals on my nails ^_^

I hope Everyone has a great weekend!
Tell me what is something you have tried lately! <3


  1. Love this, I will have to try using clear on my next water marble!

  2. I'm wearing Cinderella today too. :) I think it's really great for layering under glitters. I've got it under Windestine's Jeweled Sand and it looks fab!

  3. I love using a sheer or clear when I water marble. It works GREAT over nail foils and you can still see the holo goodness in the foil through the clear! This is quite lovely!


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