Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Zoya Naturel (2) Swatch and Review

Hey everybody:) Today I have Zoya's Naturel (2) collection to show y'all, they sent me these for review. I wanted to wait a little while before showing y'all these fall polishes  A) cause it's still hot as blue blazes here and B) cause it's not Fall yet! I know some of y'all like to see stuff early but I just couldn't bring myself to swatch these fall colors .... until now! With the unofficial closing of summer aka Labor Day is this weekend I thought I better get on with it (even though it's still hot out).

Zoya's Naturel collection are 3 warm browns and 3 mauve polishes that are a great way to bring you into the Fall state of mind!
Spencer is the lightest brown, a taupe cream polish. I like this color and really wanted to keep it on, looked great with that end of summer tan and can still be worn into Fall.

Chanelle is the medium brown cream polish. This polish had me in the mood to do some nail art! Looks like the perfect color to use as the base in a leopard print ;)

Emilia is the deep brown cream polish. This polish really reminded me of milk chocolate. A great brown for Fall but on me I just thought it was a little too dark!

Madeline is the lightest mauve, cream polish. This polish is a great transition color from Summer to Fall in the fact that its not bright but not too dark.

Aubrey is a medium mauve cream polish. I think that this polish might get some serious use later in Fall, great color and with my skin tone I just fell in love.

Marney is a dark mauve cream polish. This is going to be on my toes for Fall, what a beautiful mauve! I love this color, it would be a great addition to anyone's collection.

Overall I liked this collection, thought it was a little redundant with colors. I don't think you should buy the whole collection but maybe get one of each (brown and mauve) that complements your skin tone. If you want to find out more about Zoya just click HERE.

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Happy Polishing Everyone!

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