Monday, August 4, 2014

Pink Voltage Gelaze

Hi all!! This summer I've been using gelaze a lot.  You might have already seen this one if you follow me on Instagram ( @ssppatricia ).  I love the ease it goes on with (your color polish x2, and the top coat) and the colors the gel comes in.  This is Pink Voltage. I picked up the star from 5below in the nail section of the store. I simply added the stars on the last coat of polish. I put the star on and slightly pressed it in to the polish (with a toothpick) before curing in the light (then last step was top coating).

I really like how pretty these are and how easy they are to use.  With some of the polish I did find runny but I believe that was my error and I shook the heck out of it to see if that would help and in some cases it did. I have a few more to show off this week so stick with me... Have a nice week everyone.

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