Friday, August 1, 2014

Water Marble ....................With NO Water!

Hey everybody:) Today I wanted to show you something that I've wanted to try for a while. Water Marbling without water, yes you read that right NO WATER! This technique is what my sister called making decals.
This is so much fun, but you can't do everything that you can with water marbling but you can do what I've done in this post.

How to make decals:

1. Pick out colors, I chose to work with my Salon Perfect Neon Collection.
Grab a small amount of Parchment paper. This paper allows you to remove your decal without wax or tearing.

2. Open your colors. Make a base with the color you want to use first, make about 3 or 4 strokes wide. You can use clear or white for this step if you want.
Start adding your other colors on top. Go almost to the edge with the next color and make a very light handed (gentle) stroke. Fill in with next colors.

3. After you have the colors the way you want, take a toothpick and drag to make your design. Don't worry about the polish looking like a glob, it will dry flat(or almost).
I started in the middle pulling up and down, like I would in a water marbling.
Then pulling side by side to make the lines, after that I added 2 more lines up and down. *Try different colors first, they make the mani colorful and unique.

4. *Most IMPORTANT step... Let dry until completely dry!!!! I let my decal dry for about 2 hours!

These are the ones I made for me.
I made an extra one just in case. 
5. Time to remove your decal, roll paper under and take your toothpick and slide it under the decal going back and forth. Use a gentle hand in this process.

6. Now you are ready for the placement. Prep nail with clear polish (I blew on my twice) and add decal. press lightly into place (I pressed with my toothpick around the cuticle) and trim remaining polish with small scissors.

7. Add top coat and you're done, don't forget to do the underside of your nail to make a good seal!

OMG I love these so much and can't wait to try out more decals! I hope this post helps with the how to and maybe some of y'all can try it out and give me a shout out on Instagram @SSPAnne so I can see what you've done. Leave me a comment here and tell me what you think of these decals:)

Happy Polishing Everybody!


  1. Holy cow - this is genius! Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. can't even get this to work for me right, polish just doesn't want to pull :( I guess anything water marbel and myself is a no go

    1. I'm sorry. make sure the tooth pick is all the way down touching the paper as you drag. I hope you try again. ♥

  3. I will just not today........ I use a silicone baking sheet but I can't see that would make any difference.

    1. I don't think the silicone baking sheet would cause a problem. Good luck next time!

  4. This is genius. Who woulda ever thought of this!!!


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