Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey ^_^

Hey y'all <3 just wanted to show you my entry for the Zoya challenge this weekend...I didn't win but I still had fun...I wanted to show you because I think I'll be working on a tutorial for this manicure I used Zoya Robyn, Wednesday, Reagan, Lara , Arizona and Pippa! I really loved how this turned out! I then Stamped it with SE18 (salon express) .

I'll start working on this tutorial soon! Have a great night ^_^

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Anne!

Hi everyone today I'm doing this post a bit different! Today is my sister's Birthday ^_^ So I wanted to show you what I got for Anne! I had some help so first thank you to my friends that helped me get this stuff for her Jamie & Jeanie Thanks Ladies with out y'all I couldn't have pulled this off! <3 <3 Ok so First up for people that want pictures I'm showing you 2 coats of Nubar Treasure...(this is my own I'm showing off) Treasure is a beautiful Holo! Let's have a look!

Isn't Treasure beautiful?

So Surprise Anne this beauty is yours! <3

Next up Anne we have <3 Julep Oscar, Anne and Jodie...As soon as I saw that Julep was going to have Anne as a polish I knew I had to be yours... <3 


 ^_^ Surprise!

Anne you are my best friend! I love you Thank you for starting this blog with me <3  I hope you have a wonderful Birthday! <3
Anne has opened a Twitter Account (or on our FB page) recently so if you want you could go on over and wish her a Happy Birthday <3
I hope everyone has a wonderful day <3

<3 <3 <3

Friday, April 27, 2012

2 Essence for the price of 1

Hey everybody:) Today I have for you a couple of Essence polishes I've had for a little while and never got around to sharing, *sorry* :) Pat and I had went to Ulta a couple of months ago and I wanted a polish, can't remember which brand but she showed me the same polish in Essence for $.99. I was like hell yeah!!!! Anyway I put back the other brand and picked up 2 Essence polishes..... Where is the Party? and Choose Me! I ♥ them both:)
Where is the Party? is a dual chrome, that turns from green to purple and I just can't help but love this on my nails:) I ♥ this polish:)

Choose Me! is a sea foam green base color with green and gold glitter in it. This polish when I first saw it reminded me of a mermaid's tail. Just love the look of the sea in a bottle of polish!

So what do y'all think of these two Essence beauties??? I love them and I think I'm about to put Choose Me! on my toes right now:)

Happy Polishing Everyone!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nail Art Wednesday.....Water Marble with Zoya Beach Collection

Hey everybody:) Today is my second  "Nail Art Wednesday". I have had so many ideas floating around in my head that I thought I could do weekly nail art! Today I have for y'all a water marble with the Zoya Beach Collection, I did see a great water marble over at my friend Jodi's page...Captivating Claws, she used the Zoya beach collection, this is were I got my idea from:) This water marble is fairly straight forward and not to difficult to do.
I used  ShelbyArizonaTracie, and Wednesday. I did rotate the color I started off with just to end up with a different color in the middle to finish the bulls eye each time. Here are the awesome pictures:)

So what do y'all think of this Nail Art Wednesday look???? I love it♥
Maybe a few of you noticed a different marble on my thumb???? Well this is going to be the focus of my new water marble coming up soon....I'm still practicing with this technique:)

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Happy Polishing Everyone!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Swatch and Review of Salon Perfect's Blooming with Colors Collection....Part 2

Hey everybody:) Today I have the second half of Salon Perfect's Blooming with Colors collection. This half of the collection is all richer colors than yesterdays, and bonus 3 of these polishes have shimmer:) So lets go ahead and get started.

Spicy Tomato is up first. This is a rich red the goes on in 2 coats and is going to be great for all those night parties on the desk that I'm sure are coming up soon for y'all! For all my Georgia girls.... this is the perfect UGA red!!!! Now just remember with any red it has staining potential, so use that base coat!

Tangy Tangerine is a medium orange... I have to say I'm not the biggest fan of orange but this is kinda pretty. Goes on in 2 coats and might be something that can be worn with something else. If you are a Detroit fan this might be perfect for you:)

Sour Apples looks more like a deep sea foam green to me. One of my favorites from this collection. Love the color and 2 coat coverage. Put on that base coat for this one girls:) This is a must have from this collection and remember $2.98 you can beat that!

no flash

with flash

Blue Raspberry has finally arrived safely, the first one that was sent was DOA and spilled all over the other polishes, I'm sure you have seen the pictures and wonder what is the blue on everything. This is a blueberry blue that I think is pretty in the bottle but on it was just meh:( But I was thinking to myself...Self this color would be great matted or with some awesome nail art!

no flash

with flash

Plum Sorbet is 1 of 14 that have SHIMMER!!!! This is a pretty grape color that has that little extra bonus with the shimmer. Goes on with 2 good coats and I think I really like this plum color.

no flash

with flash

Berry Pink is another one that has shimmer. I love this color!!!! This is a nice hot pink color for summer, with the bonus of shimmer! Goes on in 2 coats and is going to be a favorite to go on my toes:) The color looks dark berry in the bottle but drys this hot pinky color, worth picking up!

no flash

with flash
Last but not least I have Bubblegum. It's very pink and has the most shimmer from the set of 14. All I can think of is Barbie Pink! They really got the name right on this color! I used 3 coats to make sure everything was good and covered. This is a lovely pink ♥

with flash

natural light
This set of 7 were my favorite from the collection. With the 3 that had shimmer and the bold colors these are a must have, remember $2.98 each and about $20 for the 7 right here you can't beat it!!! They are sold separately so you can mix and match until your little heart is content!!! I have to say for using Salon Perfect for the first time I'm pleasantly surprised and will keep my eyes out for y'all for anything new!!!  The collection will be available in approximately 1,700 Walmart locations nationwide during the month of May for $2.98 each!
So what do y'all think of this set of 7? I think I might be trying some water marbling with these and maybe some nail art!

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Happy Polishing Everybody!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Swatch and Review of Salon Perfect's Blooming with Color... Part 1

Hey everybody:) Today I'm swatching and reviewing Salon Perfect's Blooming with Colors collection. This collection is fairly large so I'm breaking this up into two parts. The first half are the pastels, now when I first saw this collection I was drawn to the richer colors but after swatching these pastels I might change my mind. So lets just jump right into this ....

First up is Perfectly Peach. Now as a Georgia Peach I was drawn to this name. A cream polish with a great dry time. This polish was a one coat a little streaky and two coats evened everything out. And honestly with a summer tan this is going to be used quite a bit with me:) I like it!

Lemon Zing is up next with its bright shine. A cream polish, that took 3 good coats to fully cover. Now if you can stand to wait for all 3 coats and dry this is a pretty color, if not move on! This needs to be used with a base coat because of the stain factor:( But I can picture this being used with a cute blue sundress, oh yeah!

Kiwi Lime.... the only word to describe this color is baby food green, there is no way around it! The polish is a very sheer polish that took 3 good coats and was still a little streaky to me. Now after I took the pictures I can see a why this was added to the spring collection, not that bad of a green but just not for me with my skin tone.

Blue Mint is a robin egg blue. This is a 2 coat and covered polish, cream like the others. Every time I see this color I think of cherry blossom nail art...hmm?! Or Sunday brunch with the family out on the deck, this is a great blue!

Berry Blue, from the name you are expecting a deep blue, wrong... this is a purpley blue cream color. This color again was a very thin polish that took 3 coats of polish. But this polish is well worth the three coats, I loved it! It does dry slightly darker than the color in the bottle, but I liked it a lot. I wanted to stop swatching for the day and leave this color on:)

Purple Sorbet is a nice deep purple. This is a 2 coat and its covered polish, cream. This polish reminds me of the African Violets my mom has at her house on her windows. A perfect purple for picnics:)

Last but not least is Lavender Icing, sorry this one lost it's label on its way to my house. This is no doubt a lovely lavender:) 2 coats and it was covered polish, cream polish that is a perfect polish for spring. This is so pale and pretty it reminds me of Easter eggs:)

Overall these polishes are great polishes for the price, at $2.98 each at Walmart you can't beat it! Not all the colors are my taste but great pastels for spring. They all very on how many coats they need but dry time is pretty much right on track. It will run you about $20 for these seven colors. I think that these colors are a great spring addition to any collection, Salon Perfect is a company I'm going to watch in the future for more great colors:)
So what do y'all think of this set of seven polishes, could you do without them or is $2.98 right up your ally and worth a try??
See you tomorrow for the second half of this collection!

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Happy Polishing Everyone!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Eye of the....

Hello Ladies today I have for you my First Jessica Polish that I got from a DF (dear friend)! ^_^ This is Iridescent Eye and oh man is she pretty! Two Coats and topcoat which I think I used Seche Vite. Iridescent Eye is a multi-chrome as you can see from the bottle shots it has a bit of blue (that doesn't come through that much), green and golden yellow. Let's check the pictures out 

 This picture ^ I took in the shade.

So while I was wearing Iridescent Eye when on facebook Bundle Monster opened a contest to win their new set of 25 plates. I entered with this! Plate BM201...stamped with Konad special polish in Green.

I loved how this turned out! I think the stamp complimented the polish so much! I didn't want to take it off! I kept turning my hands in the sun light to catch a different color on my nails!

Have you entered the contest or plan to? I want to start doing more stamping and I always say that but this manicure made me remember how much I like it and miss it!