Friday, April 27, 2012

2 Essence for the price of 1

Hey everybody:) Today I have for you a couple of Essence polishes I've had for a little while and never got around to sharing, *sorry* :) Pat and I had went to Ulta a couple of months ago and I wanted a polish, can't remember which brand but she showed me the same polish in Essence for $.99. I was like hell yeah!!!! Anyway I put back the other brand and picked up 2 Essence polishes..... Where is the Party? and Choose Me! I ♥ them both:)
Where is the Party? is a dual chrome, that turns from green to purple and I just can't help but love this on my nails:) I ♥ this polish:)

Choose Me! is a sea foam green base color with green and gold glitter in it. This polish when I first saw it reminded me of a mermaid's tail. Just love the look of the sea in a bottle of polish!

So what do y'all think of these two Essence beauties??? I love them and I think I'm about to put Choose Me! on my toes right now:)

Happy Polishing Everyone!


  1. Love! I have both of these and they really are fantastic :D

  2. Have and love them both as well. I'm a big Essence fan. I wish Ulta was closer to me. They look great on you, by the way! :)

  3. thanks... I wish Ulta was closer to me too *sighs*


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